Need sanity check on Chimney Flashing

We had a new roof installed and the real stone chimney base flashing and counter flashing do not look right.
The counter flashing:

  1. Is not set into the masonry nor cut into a mortar joint; no reglet
  2. It not on a continuous surface. It is on uneven stone, so should not be a continuous piece of cap flashing
  3. Is laid against the stone and affixed with Vulkem
  4. Is 12’ tall
  5. No apron
  6. Flashing appears to sit right on top of shingles
  7. Base flashing seems to be covering a “bad area”
  8. We were not informed of the “bad area” or “crumbling mortar” – no chance to bring in a stone mason; it was covered up

We need a sanity check on what the roofer is telling us. It doesn’t appear to be following the Certainteed Shingle Applicators Manual

Roofer says:

  1. He is a certified roofer through Certainteed, Certainteed is just the basic roofing guideline. What he
    does is better, He uses extra/more durable material to ensure no leaks. If he does it this way, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is wrong, just simply means that they were done different.
  2. Did not cut into mortar joints because the “mortar was crumbling”
  3. There is an apron.
  4. There is 3/4" spacing
  5. Had to be that tall to cover a “bad area”
  6. The shingles in the front, instead of using nails to secure it, then have to put caulk over the nail heads, and have bubbles of caulk visible on the front of your chimney; he used trim nails.

We showed him photos of the base flashing covering the “bad area” and he replied:
7. The piece you are referencing in the picture, was put in place to hold the step flash while they got the rest of the flashing in place, and was then removed

  1. Did you not like the answers you got on the other forum?
  2. Mortar is likely crumbling, as a previous poorly done repair is quite obvious.
  3. Not personally a fan of covering the apron with a strip of shingle, but it is a common and accepted practice in some areas.
  4. Roofers aren’t masons.
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