Need some advice!

Hi all ! I’m new here and need some roofing help. I live in the Great Lakes region of Canada … about a hundred miles north of Toronto. Needless to say , our climate can be very extreme. High winds , low temperatures and heavy snow loads in the winter season are common as well as intense summer heat. We have lived in our home for the last 22 years and will be needing to re-roof soon. We intend to stay in this home until they drag us off to the morgue. Here’s my question. Are synthetic roofing materials better or worse than today’s asphalt/fibreglas shingles. I’ve been considering a synthetic shingle as seen here :
I’ve heard that some composites are made from questionable materials ( ie : old tires , plastic bottles , diapers )
Will a trusty top-of-the-line GAF shingle be a better choice ? My home is a typical side-split residence @ approx. 1800 sq. ft. in size.
I expect to pay $10,000 - $15,000 for a new roof ( Canadian dollars ) … is this a reasonable amount or am I out to lunch ?
I would like to remove some existing whirly-bird vents and replace them with a reliable ridge vent system. Any suggestions ? When they replaced our soffits a few years ago I had the contractor open a wide channel underneath the soffits around the entire house so ventilation is more than adequate. One last question ! What is ridge capping and why do I need it ?
Thanks for any help and advice you can give.

as far as material choices…GAF has been around for 120 years. synthetics, maybe a few. so i would go with time tested. ridge caps go over your ridge vents or just the ridge if you dont have a vent. here is a link