Need some ideas on a roof leak

Had an addition built and the contractor really did a poor job joining the new roof to the old. You can see the valley created where they join in the picture, and might be able to see the open areas. Yep, rains inside with a bad storm. I need to seal this hole! I want to do it myself, tired of calling the contractor back to fix the leak (not sure why he hasn’t seen this). Any suggestions appreciated.

Tough to tell from that picture since I can’t decide if this is a sloped section attached to a wall or a roof. At any rate, it sure needed a turn up and or a flashing. Jamming caulk into a large whole doesn’t cut it. If nothing else you could consider Peel and Seal or another type of tape to bridge the joint, but that is a temporary fix for a few years.


Thanks, I’ll look at that!

It’s actually two sloping roofs coming together, both are about 5/12 but I’m not qualified to say for sure.

Thanks again!

Remove the rake trim and the panel of the new section, then cut a slit in the old (to just past where the new panel ends). Slide a v shaped piece into the slit, under the old panel, with a fat dab of urethane or tripolymer sealant where slit ends. Re-install new panel and trim.

EDIT: Please wear better footwear when you get up there again!

Rooferman just described the best way to handle it…however I have my doubts a non roofer will understand it! Lol

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getting dizzy looking at the pic, got another one to put that into perspective?

Looks like the roof sealant has not solved the leaking problem. Perhaps try coating the sealant with a liquid roof coating. Butyl Liquid Rubber is a one coat application that will take standing water 365 days a year. It water proofs within a couple of hours after application. Once cured it will form a seamless membrane. It is ASTM tested and Energy Star approved.

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