Need suggestions for church steeples

Looking for a few thoughts from you guys. We are bidding to “repair the leaks” to two identical steeples (as well as other roof work). We are proposing to replace the flat portions as well as the standing seam. Also removal of the siding which is installed over original wood. Everything has solid decking. We can use metal, shingles, single-ply, or any other suggestions.

I am thinking that architectural shingles to the existing metal for simplicity. The two flat areas i am kinda kicking around ideas. TPO seems like a good candidate. Keep in mind that we will be renting and working from a man lift. Thanks.

Ideally you can do it all in copper, even the flat areas.

As for low slope membranes PVC or EPDM will last the longest, IMO you should avoid the TPO as it is still in its experimental stage and is known to fail spectacularly.

The only real answer to this situation is a qualified copper man who can fabricate and solder. All other answers are sub standard and should not be considered. Please contact me if you need further help 3016745558 ask for ben

You would have a little more credibility if you could read…

The comment was not directed to you in fact it solidified your comment. The fact is you went on to suggest a sub standard material. Witch questions the integrity of the quality you bring to the table.

My reading comprehension tells me that they are looking for options.

Options being the best solution and also including other acceptable solutions.

axiom, i think capitalroofer mentioned that tpo seemed like a good candidate. don’t you love it when someone tries to show how smart they are by making stupid comments.

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Copper on the steep slope. New siding on the walls and replace those ugly vents. TPO or PVC on the low slope. Both are good and would do the job. Even mod bit would work on the small flat area you have to redo. Copper flashing metal. Once you tear into the walls I think you will find a lot of rot necessitating some powerful carpentry work.

Thanks for all the input.

Am I correct in this assumption: If we were to do metal to the flat with a standing seam 45’d at each corner that there would still be a pin hole left (at the inside corner area)?

Would a Tapko Pro 19 bend 16oz copper well enough to suffice? We are not setup to do copper although I did it many years ago. I have been considering this route. Would you recommend standing seams at the 45’s?

Duly noted on the carpentry donl. I was able to access steeples from the inside to scope things out.

When you replace the siding, my recommendation would be 4" exposure HardiePlank Lap Siding.

4" lap for added wind support due to height you mean?

My thinking was two-fold. The 4" pattern to closely resemble the existing siding and HardiePanel since it will retain the paint color for several years. You bring up a good point about height and wind - it may be a good idea to install 7/16" OSB as a substrate. You can then install a layer of your shingle underlayment between the siding and the OSB.