Need to "Protect soffit within 4ft of property line"...?

I own a property that has a detached garage, existing in place when i bought it 7 years ago. I have learned that there are no permits pulled for it, so i went to city hall to get one. The inspector came while i was at work so my wife spoke to him. He wrote down on our RPR that we need to “Protect the soffit within 4ft of property line” then highlighted the entire one side of the garage that needs to be done. In the Plan Check Letter the inspector used it says the following:
“10. No windows are allowed within 4’ of the side yard property line. Roof overhangs 1.2m or less from the property line must be protected. Overhangs less than .45 m from the property line are not permitted. Any one of the following material is acceptable for eave protection: 1) 28 gauge mild or stainless steel 2) 26 gauge unvented soffit with CCMC test approval (Gentek is the only manufactured product for which we have received verification). If any other product is used we will require confirmation of approval. 3) 30 gauge galvanized steel. 4) 12.5mm exterior horizontal application approved drywall. 5) 11mm plywood with all edges supported and protected with caulking. 6) 12.5mm osb or wafer board with all edges supported and caulked. 7) 11mm lumber, free of knots.”

What the heck does this mean? My current roof overhang has aluminum soffits installed. Does this mean i have to tear down what i currently have and replace it with one of the 7 approved methods? Or do i have to do something to my existing soffits to protect them? I dont see how 12.5mm osb would be more protection than aluminium soffits.

It’s most likely to prevent flame spread. Make sure you use approved

Pull your soffits, sheet overhang with osb, re install soffit