Needing help on starting out in roofing sales

Just as the title states. I am going to be starting out in roofing sales and I am trying to get as much information and as much help from the guys that have been doing it.

What do you first say to a customer?

Do you just go door to door knocking?

Do you pay for leads?

Please tell me any information that has worked for you!

Thank you!

I had actually already talked to you today. Thanks for the info. Just trying to get more info!


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Well what type of info do you want? i have more alot more you just have to ask what you want to know.

Okay here are my questions:

What is the best thing to do when knocking on a door and someone answers? This just a regular door knock.

Also what is the best way to talk to someone that its about insurance not about the roof. The insurance company is going to be paying for most of it besides the deductible?

What do you all think about the satellite images to measure the roofs?

What is the best way to get leads besides door to door knocking?


email me and with number and we will go over your questions. Have a pad ready with a pen. Sounds to me like you did not ask all the questions. I will be more than happy to speak to you int the morning.

Is the company you are going to be working for not providing training?

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