Neighbor broke my drone

So I was taking pictures of a re-roof job and my drone fell on the neighbor’s yard, he picked up my drone and threw it against the concrete ground and broke it. He then continued to yell at me about having kids, his kids weren’t even outside.

What can I do?

Suck it up. I live in the country and would have shot it down with my 12 gauge if it was in my airspace


We aren’t in the country though, it’s the suburbs and the houses are pretty close together, I wasn’t in his airspace.

Did you advise the adjoining neighbors of your drone activity in the event it fell out of the “not his or her” airspace and landed in their yard space? Did you evaluate the consequence of the drone falling out of the air and potentially hitting someone or getting destroyed by either a pitbull or an angry parent in this case? The guy did not shoot your drone down, it failed over his property and therefore trespassed.

I guess it’s the cost of using a drone and like Tileman said … “Suck it Up”. Might want to plan better next time?

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Ok I’ll take the loss and plan better in the future, thank you guys for the feedback.

He broke your property. He’s in for a very long, stressful remainder of his home ownership if he doesn’t replace what he broke. Sure it was on his property, but is it’s worth having you as an enemy until he eventually has to move for f’n with your shit in the first place? Out here someone tries that bullshit and a quick call is all it takes….

Every state and City has different drone laws. Texas, it’s illegal to shoot a drone down, even if its flying over your property. It’s illegal, in Texas, to video, or photograph individuals, without their written permission, with a drone. I’m sure there are alot of other issues. I’m with tileman. Drones are really invasive to our privacy. The local appraisal district uses them.

He is the neighbor of the person we were doing the work for, not my neighbor.

To be honest, what irks me the most is no the fact that he broke the $1,400 drone, it’s the fact that he could have called the company phone number to file a complaint (we have a yard sign upfront) or even call the police if he thought we were spying on him. Instead, he grabbed it before we could get to it and threw it against the ground. I had never had it happen before so I was in shock and did not really know how to respond. He was yelling and me and squaring up daring me to fight him, and I obviously didn’t, not worth going to jail for this.

And that morning he had been harassing my workers, I just found out. The job is done and they won’t be going over the anymore but they should not have to worry about people harassing them, the only thing they should have to worry about is roofing properly.

any who… I probably just had to vent, once again thank you for your input guys.

You’re assuming Mau wants to have a long battle with someone and he seems much more reasonable than that. I said I would shoot it down because I’m in the country and value my privacy. Not sure where your “out here” and “ making a call” means but it sounds kind of weird.

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Drones are remarkable things and can serve a great place in our industry however the problem is, like most technologies, certain asshats abused their intended purpose and effed it for the rest of us. I too get pissed when I see one fly over my home because I fixate on the abuses we hear of so often. I’d rather not use them as it will only be a matter of time before I too would experience someone who responded in the same manner as you encountered. It brings in a whole other level of social complexity that only adds onto the stress of the day. It’s unfortunate but its also to be expected in today’s climate. Don’t be surprised if it happens again.

You just have to treat it as a learning experience at this point.

My take aways would be.

  1. Make sure employees know to report harassment by crazy people to the company and/or police if serious enough.
  2. Ask homeowners if they have any crazy neighbors your guys should avoid.
  3. Keep drone activity over property of house and always stay within close distance to the drone.
  4. When someone become belligerent and damages expensive property call the police and file a report. You could use that as evidence if that state does not allow them to destroy your property for falling on their property. May of had to sue to common claims court to get paid but if that is something you would like to pursue it would be helpful.


I am sorry for the late response as I am brand new to community and I seen this post feeling compelled to respond, here I am.

First, more than likely this gentleman has a history of risky behavior and interactions. Knowing that combined with the delicate world we live in my opinion its only a matter of time before this gentlemen is part of a very unfortunate situation. Knowing the percentage likely that he has some major issue in the near future or one recently in the past I would look to ensure he understands this behavior isnt ok as he sounds like a bullly. Physical violence isnt the answer anymore, unfortunately, as the world was a lot better when a good bloody nose helped people to understand social dynamics differently as well as self control. Therefore I would see what the statute of limitations in your area are for simple assault on both your persons as well as destruction of property which both of those are misdemeanors and often times depending on his interaction with the complainant law enforcement individual sent out to investigate your complaint (if they are with in statute and recommendation of officer taking your statement) will guide the responding officer in how he feels this situation is best remedied. If he/she feels this individual is someone whom may benefit from a citation then they will provide one, or however they feel this resolution might best serve society depending again on his personality. I never condone calling police for anything short of an emergency however IN todays climate there may have been some serious underlying issues which he has with himself, society or you. with that said you might be doing society a favor by helping this gentleman to see the error of his ways before his head continues to grow and he continues to bully people getting more risky with each as he continues to grow this “untouchable” persona (again shooting from hip here on the interaction and his personal psyche however I have dealt with an overwhelming amount of bullies in my day and psychologically they are all very similar just at different points in the aaawhole scale). sorry for crappy grammar just in a hurry started with good intentions ran out of time