Neophyte needs roofing advice

I have 3 flat roofs on my house. One is totally flat, one at about 2/12 and one that is apparently 1.75/12

Currently all 3 have bitumen torch down. I have different roofers proposing different solutions.

  1. shingle all except the totally flat roof
  2. replace all torch down with TPO
  3. re-cover or treat the torchdown and shingle the 2/12

It seems to me that trying to determine whether TPO or Bitumen is the best option depends on roofer preference and experience. Older roofers swear by torchdown, younger by TPO, and ones wanting to finish quickly - shingle it.

Second, there are apparently 3 shingle preferences in my region (Pacific NW) - GAF, Malarkey, and Owens Corning. I am finding bad reviews on ALL of them. I am willing to pay a reasonable cost for a decent roof, but I can’t afford gold plate. :wink: I would think that OC is not the best choice, have problems buying “malarkey”, and a roof named “gaf” isn’t tickling me either. Do roofers have an odd sense of humor, or just materials producers?

Any guidance appreciated.

Modified (torchdown) would be my choice but TPO and modified would both be fine in your situation. PLEASE don’t put shingles on any of those roofs. They are too flat (regardless of what super duper underlayment they tell you they are gonna use).


I prefer torch down modified. Ventilated Base and one ply for a great roof, ventilated base and and 2 ply of modified for an even better roof. If you get snow and ice, don’t shingle anything less than 3/12.

You have a great shingle available that is made in the Northwest…Pabco. While the 2:12 could be covered by shingles it is a terrible idea and will eventually cost you a lot by shortening the lifespan of the shingles.

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Thanks for your input. My intuition was that shingles in this situation are a bad idea. Why else would someone have gone with a more expensive option?

Wow. No one has even mentioned that brand (Pabco). I’ll have to ask.

Thank you Island Roofing.

Dont install the owens corning,Gaf on that 2/12
If you get ice and snow?
Dont use any shingles period.
If no snow, then
Use Malarky, Pabco or Atlas on the 2/12.
These manufactuers care about the roofing nail area and the ability for the roofer to do a good job.

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