Never Buy a House From Family

This question relates to insurance coverage. I bought my house from the estate after my sister passed on. She had a new roof done a few years before she died. Six years later I have leaks everywhere. I found out the original roof was slate. The decking on it was strips of 1X6 boards with a space in between each board to allow the slate to breathe, (so i’ve been told). The contractor who did a new roof (asphalt shingles) removed all the old shingles, left the spaced 1x6 boards where they were, threw some felt down and shingled over with new shingles. As far as the flashing on the three chimneys, they just put a huge 1 pc. patch on each side. I’ve no idea who the company was that did the shoddy work. Why I want to know is will my insurance company cover me for a new roof or will they just tell me, tough luck lady, you should’ve had it inspected? My life has been like a “Trains, Planes, and Automobiles” movie and I want to tarp it for a year or two til I can afford to fix it. I am also concerned that we are talking about a claim for a roof that is close to 10 years old. And my insurance bill increased $100 more than it was last year. I am out of work and on an embarrassingly low income.Will my insurance company pay for a quality tarp or will they give me a hard time about leaving it on that long? I don’t want to be considered a high risk. And I have already checked out organizations for help, bottom line there is, if you already own a home, you’re on your own.


I cannot imagine your insurance company covering this for two reasons:

  1. The issues causing the damage existed before you were paying your insurance company to insure it. Those damages also weren’t “sudden and instantaneous” such as damages you get from hail or wind (things covered in your policy).

  2. The damages sound as if they are the result of poor workmanship which typically isn’t a covered peril in a HO’s policy.

Sorry to have to give you that bad news. The best thing to do, however, is to contact your Agent and/or insurance company, discuss your problems and if in doubt, have an Adjuster come out. That’s what they’re paid to do.

Good luck!


It’s not an insurance claim type of damage. If they come out, they might find some reason to force you to either replace the roof or lose your coverage. They also could find smaller damage and demand that you do the repairs.

Either way, you’ll be forced to spend some money that I don’t think you have.

Both of the previous posts have merit. Calling an adjuster will likely force you to fix or coverage will be withdrawn.

I’m sorry to hear that a permanant roof was removed and replaced with a temporary one. Condolences :cry: .

[quote=“tinner666”]Both of the previous posts have merit. Calling an adjuster will likely force you to fix or coverage will be withdrawn.

I’m sorry to hear that a permanant roof was removed and replaced with a temporary one. Condolences :cry: .[/quote]

Yes. All responses were great. And much appreciated. I am not going to involve the insurance company as advised. I was thinking of using a silver 6.0 tarp but am still curious about the proper technique for application around the chimneys. Any further advice would be great guys. I am in Mass. So I 've got to get this done as there is the scent of mold coming through the wall behind one of the chimneys.

If you believe mold may be developing, I would highly recommend you find a way to address this immediately. What now could be minor could turn into a HUGE expense a few months down the road if the leaks aren’t stopped and the mold is allowed to grow unabated.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I wouldn’t have a great deal of confidence in being able to tarp a roof for that would last as long as it sounds like you might need it to.

You can’t claim after a long time…Because the company’s insurance policy is not for such a long time period…And after the expiration of the claiming period you will not get your money back…

Saw a huge tree branch 3/4 and wait for a decent storm to drop it thrue the roof then call your adjuster :slight_smile:

In the information you presented a few things stood out to me. Sister passed, slate roof and spaced decking. This would just be a guess but if I were a betting man I would bet the home is older, pre 1978. “Leaks everywhere”, depending on your insurance policy you may have coverage. Pre 1978 home the “repairs” may be quite expensive. If your policy covers the damage you just might, I say just might have enough money after the water damage (lead based paint) claim to have your roof and interior repairs completed.

Contact a competent Public Adjuster, take him a copy of your full policy and all endorsements and have him review your coverage and in the event you do have coverage have the PA walk you through the process and assess the damage and potential funds that could become available after a claim and determine if it is beneficial to file a claim or not.
If you need help finding a good PA let me know.

Yes, I agree with the previous posters. An insurance adjuster will force you to fix it, and not cover your expenses. You might need to do some patch work until you can afford to fix. When the next hail storm happens, then call in your roof.

I think you should contact the roofer. There might be some kind of warranty on the roofing for the first 10 years at least.

My Aunts, Uncles, & Cousins deal with each other regularly and they have no issues.
Perhaps it’s because they are basically decent people and aren’t out to take advantage of people.
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I don’t think there was any malicious intent here, see died, was probably like me expecting to get around to fixing things. I bought my house from an estate, my great aunt. She probably didn’t do any repairs for the last several years since she was sick. She kept meticulous records though, so I do know the roof I’m about to replace went on in 1973, and the original roof went on in 1945, and the roof sandwiched in between I have no idea.

Now buying a car from a friend or family, that’s a different story.

Hello Miragesmack. You bought a house from your great aunt and the house is quite old also.So it is better to replace the old roof and try to do some roof maintainence work…othewise the roof will be collepsed…