Never hire any vendor that pays piecework and or uses subcontractors

Why? Piecework encourages speed and speed compromises quality every time. You can do it right or you can do it in record time you can’t do both. Instead of making 85$ in a day if anyone can instead make 190$ in a day of course they’ll opt for the 190$. Human nature. So, slap it on Cowboy style and make more money. The homeowner will never know it’s a hack job. What they don’t know can’t hurt them so just shut up Mr homeowner and write the damn check and make it out to me not the business. I always advise folks to never hire any vendor that pays piecework. Hourly or salary. Period. Same with subs. They don’t get paid much so they put it in high gear then race to the next victim………I mean job.

You have obviously not ran a roofing company for a long time! While a non sub crew would be wonderful, it’s not possible or normal in this day in age. I have been in this business since 1976. I’ve seen all the changes and transformations the Industry has been thru. You can’t find enough non sub labor to field enough crews to support a company these days. Also the simple fact that you use subs, does not necessarily mean poor quality! Subs a people like hour crews are, there are good ones and bad ones!


Couldn’t agree more, I’ve had problematic subs, and hourly employees alike. It’s never been the job title or status that determined the quality of roofer they become. The factors that determine the quality of roofer they become were there long before they climb the first ladder.
If we as owners do not train our teams, and set them up for success were losing before we ever get started, .

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