New Business-any advice appreciated

Hey y’all. First off, thank you to all who contribute to this forum. I’ve read a ton and learned so much already. I’m from 32 and from Louisiana, if that matters.

I certainly don’t want to put forth an attitude of knowing everything there is to know when I actually know very little. But I’m very willing to learn. I’ve been in construction for quite a while but never roofing. I obviously want to be successful and I believe that the only way to do that is to learn from successful people.

I’m a firefighter full time which gives me plenty of time to learn and grow this business. My end goal is to work for myself full time. I just don’t want y’all thinking I’m trying to undercut the industry for a little extra pocket cash.

I’ve already obtained all necessary licenses with my local area and state. I’ve obtained GL and WC insurances. My LLC is set up, I have business cards, the bank acct., etc. I plan to only use certainteed shingles because I’m a sucker for an excellent product and they seem to be the best. Also, I’m not the kind of guy that half way does anything. I’m a bit of a perfectionist specifically on work that my name is on.

I have a good relationship with a great sub crew in my area that also carries all insurances. The lead man with them is very helpful and seems to want to teach. He says somebody taught him years ago so he feels like it’s only right to help others.

So, I recently sold my first roofing job. Very simple 38sq roof. Customer prefers to pay out of pocket and is ready to go ahead with a contract now. First problem I’m running into is that he has requested landmark resawn shake and literally nobody has them right now. I’m assuming because of all the storms. Anyway, soon as I can get that squared away, we will be replacing his roof.

I’m super excited but I’m even more nervous. But, I’m not here to fail. I want to do whatever it takes to succeed and be the best around. If you can offer any advice, it would be greatly appreciated. Please be kind.

Thanks in advance for all of your help!

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Yes, learn how to roof
Before you start a roofing business.
Customers would appreciate that.

Work for your sub at his wage until you get set up at least.

I knew a salesman in vancouver who didnt know how to install but sold. We were his only sub.i think, he worked as a roofing salesman for 2 years. Youll need to know the basics i think but wouldnt need to be a red seal roofer by any means.

Of course. Maybe I should have clarified. I’ve been in the business side of construction but never on the business side of roofing. I’ve roofed a few. Not many, and they weren’t complicated, but I have done it before.

I could write a book on business advice. I think the best way to help you is if you have specific questions. I’ll give you some of my best tips.

Run your business with integrity. Never compromise it.

Build up cash reserves, manage your cash flow. Cash is King.

Create a business model and stick to it. It’s okay to modify it but don’t change what you do day to day until you’ve decided on that modification. In other words, if you’ve decided your business is retail, don’t suddenly move into insurance work until you’ve researched that and acquired the appropriate expertise.

Charge appropriately for your work. 96% of all contractors don’t survive 10 years. Nobody ever went out of business because they made too much money.

Good luck.

Thank you! If you do decide to write that book, I’ll buy the first copy! I’ve read a ton of your posts and have learned a lot from you already. Integrity and reliability is big for me. I look at it a lot from a consumer point of view. I wouldn’t want to deal with somebody with poor communication or was just out to shaft me so I certainly don’t want to be that guy.