New Concrete slate tiles do not match

I had a new roof installed with Boral concrete slate tiles Charcoal Brown Bend. The front of the house looks great with random shuffled patterns. The back of the house looks very bad with patches of black colored tiles in one area. The back roof is unacceptable and looks like a roof repair.

Color batches possibly got mixed. Was there a provision in the agreement addressing this circumstance and the possible remedy?

Most likely not a batch issue. Any blend requires the roofer to watch for ‘hot spots’ and mix properly while installing.

If this shading appears sporadically elsewhere, you’re probably right and they got lazy. If not?

“Patches of black colored tiles in one area”. Blended tiles like this one are not variegated tiles where the colors are blended throughout every piece, similar to shingles. They are two different colors delivered proportionally, i.e. 70-30,60-40 and sometimes mixing 3-4 different base colors like Auburn Tile does. We have done Auburn blends that might be 65-25-5-5 percentage wise. It is always incumbent on the installer to shuffle as needed and any good tile guy, floor or roofing, pays attention to this. Just takes a little walking to other stacks and paying attention.

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