New Construction - Atlas vs CertainTeed vs Owens Corning

Hi All,

I will building a house within the next year or so and I’ve narrowed my options for roofing shingle down to the following:

  • Atlas StormMaster Shake
  • CertainTeed Landmark
  • Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration

I’m looking for any advice or thoughts between these options. I’m located in Ohio so we get all kinds of weather.

Thanks in advance.

Landmark would be my vote.

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I’m in Pennsylvania and I would choose Landmark myself but if I were you I wouldn’t put a whole lot of stock on what a bunch of guys from all over the country tell you. That is because shingle quality varies greatly in different regions. Your best bet is to ask all your local roofers which they prefer and why. However I am a big believer that no asphalt shingle is gonna significantly outperform any other provided they are properly installed. (yes I know there were a bunch of defective ones in the past that failed prematurely but no ones knows which ones are gonna do that at the time of instillation.)

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Certainteed landmark for sure

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A Certainteed Landmark or even better a Malarkey Vista if they are in your market.

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Thanks for the comments. Closest place that sells Malarkey shingles is an hour away.

What is the approximate cost for Landmark per square?

Certainteed is my vote.
But based on good reviews of malarky by axiom
And others, i would give them the business.
I dont have those available to me.
Seems like you might pay a little extra for shipping.
I wouldnt let that sway me if i thought they were superior.
What i am disappointed with Certainteed landmarks
Is their algae that starts taking over the roof at Year 6.
But their shingle construction over all is superior!

Next choice would be Atlas.
Because They warranty against Algae/ streaking for life.
And i believe it, because i have some roofs i installed with atlas before they improved their shingles with the lifetime streaking warranty and they Still look good
I like the beauty and construction of the Certainteed shingle better so that is why i choose them
But i am starting to lose patience about them not improving their streaking issue after year 6 like clock work.

I wouldnt install Durations if they were free.
Really, Really bad design.
And i am SURE it is the same way across the country.
I Wanted to love them but i have seen for myself
On my own roofs
that they are leaky.
Probably the only leaky shingle in the industry.

Do not even pay attention to the price
difference between Certainteed, Malarky, Atlas.
Choose the one you believe to be the best.
The price difference between them is nothing in my mind.

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Around here shingle suppliers deliver an hour away all the time, it’s Northern Michigan though.

I don’t remember the exact prices but GAF & Owens Corning cost more than Landmarks around here, Malarkey Vistas are less than Landmarks but more than IKO & TAMKO.

We are talking $70 - $85/sq for a general price range.

The Malarkeys are an SBS shingle with a very high cooper/zinc content compared to others, the granules are well embedded into the shingle so there are very few extra granules floating around.

I’ve been a strong consistent Certainteed supporter for a very long time and I honestly believe that the Malarkey shingles are superior to the others.

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Thanks for the comments. If I can get Malarkey, do you think the Legacy shingle is worth the upgrade? And if I were to go with Vista is the AR upgrade worth it?


Yes on both accounts, the Legacy is a great shingle.

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So I can get:

  • Malarkey Legacy w/ Scotchgard for $119/sq
  • Malarkey Vista (not AR) for $76/sq
  • CertainTeed Landmark for $75/sq

What would you guys go with? I’ll be roofing a ~2,400 sq/ft. ranch house. Is it worth it to spend the extra few thousand dollars to get the Legacy?

Those are all good but most will probably side with Certainteed. I’ve never sold much of those but I’m sure there’s a god reason it comes in the majority of the time. I agree with an earlier response, and that is to put more stock in the crew doing the installing. Know that most roofers use subs. They all have their “A” team and then “B” and maybe more. Once you’ve nailed down a roofing company, give them plenty of notice, insist you want their best “team”. And you’ll wait too, if their busy. Salesmen rarely mention their install crews but in the big picture, it’s everything! Then there are the few ‘employee based’ roofing companies. These are usually the ones you see on TV, billboards, etc & have been in business for decades typically. They are going to cost more for obvious reasons but I’m sure are a safe bet.

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