New construction holes in shingles is this right?

Helpful information greatly appreciated. have a contract on a new home. Now find out last home inspection found to have holes in shingles and some cracked shingles. I’m not sure how many and if they have been fixed at this point. Is this normal? They are putting blame on boards to stand on-to roof … it is a very pitchy roof… Will holes let water thru? Can you silicone calk these holes or is this just a temporary fix? Are we being taken for a ride? Our home inspection is in 2 weeks, Im worried, should I be? Any help will be greatly appreciated. :frowning:


Have them replace the shingles that are damaged.

What lefty said

The nail holes are from what is known in the industry as “toe boards”. Basically they nail down 2x4s to keep from sliding off the roof. Common practice but not a good one.

I had the same thing on my house and had someone try and caulk the nail holes. 16 years later the caulk held up pretty good but I am just now seeing some rotting due to the holes. The best course of action is to try and replace the damaged shingles. If the house is relatively new the shingles will still be pliable and can handle being lifted up to remove the nails. If they are old they will more than likely be brittle and will break or crack.

Caulking is a temporary fix kind of like putting a bandaid on it, but done right will last years, at least in my case it did.

It could of been the siders…Siding guy’s come in after the roof is done…They don’t care about the roof…Instead of using cleats on the roof, they nail 2 by 4’s directly on top of new shingles…So carefull where you put the blame in this case…

coulda been a racoon dug a hole.

put some tar in the holes, or get a new roof.



what lefty said

I have also seen damage done not just by toe boards but also by painters & siding people putting ladders on roof decks for 2nd story access.

Just make sure that whoever does your repair uses toe board jacks which are designed to slide up UNDER shingles so that when you remove them, the nail hole is under shingles & not in the reveal (part of the shingle that you can see & is where water can penetrate).

Then they seat the nails & re-seal the gap between the shingles with cement. Oh, & what region on the country are you in? Keep coldness under advisement for any work on shingles due to cement or silicone not working & brittle shingles that can be damaged when working on / with / around them.