New construction owner needs advice

Any contractors have advice on advertising? I am in the local paper which covers the whole county I live in. I also have an HVAC who is giving me jobs in Illinois. I am in indiana. And I am working with a general who does remodel work so any other options? What about a random flyer mailer with coupons any success there?

If youre working on roofing in Illinois, you better go and get your roofing license.

thanks I applied for it but there next test is on july 24th they only test every other month…man thats ruff!

go to
you have to pay for your jobs you take but like they say u have to spend to make

thanks la homes i am really looking into service magic i like service and its only 45 for a new roof installation lead which isnt bad. I just looked at bid clerk they are really nice and its a flat monthly fee.

thanks for the info