New Construction Shingle Help- 120sq. - Picture Attached

Building a new home and need to select shingles for the house this week;m(hopefully). House including 5 car garage is approx 120sq. Big roof. 10/12 pitch

This is a higher end home with a Transitional color look, grayish / bluff stone with Hardie vertical board, bronze windows). (Almost traditional style). Looking for suggestions on shingles. Wanting a Charcoal color, but not jet black and no checkered patterns. Some variations is good

Builder likes OC Durations- but they only offer the Onyx Black. - too dark?

Landmark Pro - Moore Black
Landmark Pro - Charcoal
Landmark TL? Worth it ?

Others options?

Landmark pro or premium morie black, or tl if it is avalible, tl is no longer avalible in my market.

Presidential can look awesome or can look like a pixilated modern art painting depending of the pitch and street angel you view the house from.

Grand manor would look great on that sketch you attached. Not sure if they are in your budgetm

What’s the cost difference between the Manor and Pro? If I go with a traditional architecture shingle, is the Pro recommended or something else?

We have been doing ton of pros they are a great shingle And something like 8$ as more than the regular landmarks so no brainer to upgrade to the pro. Premiums are around 120-130 a sq, grand manors are around 230-240, so considerable upgrade. Don’t quote me on prices I am not the guy who normally does the purchasing.
The difference between the pro and premium are weight, the specs are on certainteed web page I believe but again might be wrong…it’s early…landmark/pro/premium is 235/250/300 lbs a sq. Grand manors are 425, so the more you pay the heavier the shingle you get.

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Grand manor / carriage are the only big upsell I personally do because they are a full double laminated / triple in spots for accents, with no seam. They are full slabs of Mary with no seams so never have to worry about lamination coming off so they are a true upgrade, not just for looks.

What I would do if you are doing 120sq is before making a choice on shingle have contractor/supplier get you some full shingles in the right color as samples. Don’t go off sample boards, hold the actual products in your hands. You will be spending alot of money so they should be more than willing to do that for you or even nail a bundle on a sheet of plywood.

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In my market grand manors also pay double on the installation. All new work here is by the bundle, and they are 5 per square rather than 3.
So they can be very cost prohibitive. They are the best shingles available, though, I have been on nearly 20 year old grand manor roofs to do some minor repairs, damaged vents or some such and the shingles had very minimal signs of wear. Most 20 year old roofs in my market are at the dump already, or in need of it.

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Sounds like the Grand Manors are a minimum $20k upgrade for my house then? Not sure about the extra expense for a roof as I’m guessing I’ll be over budget on quite a few other things, even though the roof is very important!

So question goes is the Premium worth the upgrade or stick with the Pros?

Or do you guys have a second preference?

I can’t tell you if premiums will last longer than pros haven’t been around long enough. Tl’s have always heald up great have some 20 to jobs out there that look great.

Like somebody said I personally know grand manor stands the test of time our company has been doing then since they were introduced 20 maybe going on 30 years now. We always do them with copper vent pipe collars and copper valleys and when we go back 20+ years later to do other work the shingles still look great.


Certainteed recently cane out with belmonte that looks like a cheaper version of grand manor think in our market like 20$ a sq more the premiums. Haven’t seen any actual shingles or installed any yet but have a decent high end look.

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Do the landmarks look different then the Pros in person? Dimensional wise and colors? Meaning the Moire Black the same in both lines?

Yes regular landmarks are not the HD (high Def) colors so the shading and color variation is no where as nice as the pros. For the small cost difference you get a way nicer looking and better shingle with the pro. We don’t charge extra for the pros, only use landmarks for funky colors like red and green that are not available in pro.

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Think I’m leaning towards the Landmark Pros in Moire Black…unless you guys have any other suggestions? It won’t have huge variation in colors will it? Like a checker board?

The Landmark Pros are great.

If you have Malarkey in your area look at the Legacy, it’s better.

I’m pretty much out of my league on design sense when it comes to a higher end house like this. The garage is likely bigger than my whole house. And I think you want a darker shingle, which is more dramatic. So I only post because you mentioned charcoal, bluff, and grayish.

I went with Landmark Aged Cedar, which is actually more grayish than it sounds. But it’s the kind of gray that is more like you see with charcoal on the 5th of July.
It does have a tinge of bluff/tan in it, but not much.
I actually changed the color part way through the process to a darker brown/redish shingle, but that change got lost in the process, and I ended up with my first choice - the aged cedar.
Love the way it looks now, and love the contrast between roof and fascia - I like the way it shows off the roof lines.
Now I have to figure out what color to re-paint the house to best match the roof.
So I just post this comment because the roof color has actually re-defined what I want for the rest of my house. I had a friend that said nobody pays much attention to the roof, just get it done. And, respectfully, I have to disagree.
So that worries me a little here, that the whole rest of the house/colors are already decided, and now comes the decision for the shingles and their color?
I’m a programmer by trade, so it was drilled into me to do things in top-down ways I guess. So that must also be carrying over to what I do with the house :slight_smile:

Almost forgot the pic of my shingles…

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Here is our inspiration photo. We received the stone samples and they are a more cool tone…grayish, with some very minor tan. Picture makes the stone look very warm and tan, not the case.IMG_7747

Love the darker evedrip.
It out-lines the house and the eve always appears clean from the street.
Also those enhanced cap shingles always make a house look really nice.

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Designer said these shingles were OC Woodcrest- but they look like normal architecture shingles?

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Thank you for the extra info!
I was wondering what shingles those were.
Those look incredible!

Todd saw your comments on the n the other morie black post. If you narrow your choices down your contractor/roofer can talk to the product rep they can give you actual installs to go look at.

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When selecting your shingle you should make 3 considerations…cost…appearance…and resale. If where your home will be built has a lot of moisture like here in the mtns, we only reccommend an upgrade to customers on landmarks if its purely aesthetics and cost is not a factor. The added expense of a shingle beyond the 30 yr is not really justifiable based on resale because even if the shingle is still good it won’t “look” good and most would deem it ready to replace in 20 yrs based on appearance and out of ignorance. If upgrading for a high end home…only a designer/tri lam type shingle is worth the extra money. Where I live the average shingle roof is 12/12 and 50+ squares. We get this question on almost every job.

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