New Construction

I was offered some new construction work. This is my second year in business and I usually do tear-offs. Can anyone provide some suggestions on bidding new construction and if it is worth it? Thanks in advance.

IMO new construction is easier to bid because there aren’t any suprises. Some times you’ll hit something thats framed cheesey or needs to be modified but you just call the contractor and in a day or two his framers have it fixed. Bad thing is you need to do a backround check on who your working for. Make sure the contractor has been around awhile and is reputable.

I have an aquaintance who owns a siding company and wants to sub out over 100 roofs and I have a few questions. How much should I bid a square for labor? Are you usually paid after completing each house or does it take awhile to get paid? Do you have to usually order all the material? One of my real close friends said that when he gets new construction it is felted and stocked, does this sound accurate? I know I will have to play it by ear and will be having a meeting next week with him but I just was curious how things worked out with other people so I was prepared when I sat at this meeting.

i bid them $100/sq for labor only…probably why i never get them. and im actually kind of glad because i have seen way to many people get burned in new const.

You could get them like shooting fish in a barrell at $100 a square in the Boston area and the builders would jump at it.


For a meeting like that I would have all my numbers figured “a la carte”.

Figure numbers for any possible situation. Per square labor, materials, loading, dry ins…etc. That way you can present and discuss options. Everyone likes options. At the same time it will give you a better overview of what you’re getting into. As far as a per square price? Labor + materials + difficulty + customer attitude = price

Don’t forget to add profit, lol. Sounds silly, I know… Many people have their profit figured into man per square and a small materials mark-up. Keep in mind if the contractor is supplying materials you may be out up to 20% on that end so adjust accordingly.

Im dont know about the roofing industry in your area so all a can say is.
If i was you i would get a price qoute from another company. Just phone a another roofing company that does new roofs and ask the how much would it cost to do this roof. Give them all the specs that you have been given by the contractor. That way they can give you a accurate price qoute. Also pretend you have a house that has a bunch of diffrent pitchs so you can use that as a refrence. Also include skylights and all the things that you might be needing on your new roofs.
The new roof industry can be good if you know what your doing.
If you do it right you can just sit in your truck and contact the roof out to roofers.
The new roof business isnt all that worth it if your only doing one house at atime but if you have a shit load of contracts like you said you have it can be really benaficial to you and your credit.
Think about it. If you have all these new roof contracts in your name and going through your bank account it can do alot for your credit.
It doesnt really matter if you cant do the roofs your self. Your not losing any money if you contract the roofs out to roofer in your area.
Thats the way i got started but it was re roof i was doing. I got a price qoute from another roofing company. Used that as a reference, contracted the roofs out because i didnt have time to do them my self becuase i was subing from a company that i was kinda finacilally tied down to. I never made all that much money off them but i didnt have to raise a finger. But it looked really good for my bank account.
Now in the future ill be able to borrow money from the bank or be able to load roofs with my Visa.
Well peace ou and let us know how it all went down.

Just a heads up he has one new construction that I would have to bid off the prints and in my contact it clearly states that I will be paid upon completion of the job not sale of the house…LOL! I will let you guys know if I get any more but he was talking about 50 more this year so we will see.


I never figure in that he has mmore.

A bird in the hand is worth more then 2 in the bush.

I charge for loading, installing drip edge, ice and water shield, ridge vent, and installing shingles. $5 extra per pitch increase.

Most 6/12’s average $50 a square, and 8/12’s around $60.

Charge up to $3 per square extra depending on how cut up the roof is and $1 per dormer for window dormers when you have to shingle under around and on top.

Same prices since 1999. Out of a million or so in new construction in the past 10 years have lost out on $1,850. My three biggest builders have all been around since the 70’s. It was the builder who’s in prison again and the builder who should have stayed in the cabinet business to blame.

Doing tear offs in the past 10 years, around half a million have lost out on $800.

BTW, on tear offs see contracts one of every ten jobs. On new construction never sign contracts.

I’ve had builders over the years use cheaper roofers to only go back to me for all their roofing needs.

I charge 110p/sq labor only, and 1.50 per/f of ice and water shield,even charge for valleys.If i use ht ice shield its 3.00 p/ft and 1.50 p/ft for ridge vent and 125.00 per skylight installed :roll:

That sounds about right. How about lower pitches and higher pitches.

$50 or 60 a square Dougger is crazy man. your working too hard for too little if thats the case. raise your prices

new construction is so gooood. I love it. Its da best.

Come on roof buster. use spell check for christ sake.

I made a excellent living off those prices since 1999. 2sq per hour average from start to finish at $100 a hour isn’t too bad.

Right now with the huge lull in new construction most “roofers” are dropping there prices to $30-40 a square. Luckily my builders pay for quality and don’t bother with the low baller roofers.

Going to finish a 65sq 10/12 new roof tommorrow and will have four days on it and never had to worry once about rain. Landmark Premium Heather Blend, should get more along the lines of $75 a square on it.

Some contractor out here is bidding on new construction for 12 dollars a square now that is ridiculous. Hope the General has insurance because I know the roofing contractor doesn’t for that price.

Back in the day my father subbed from a builder who payed a whopping $13 a square. Now that same builder 25 years later pays me $40-50 a square.

Well if you dont know how to sell then I guess you are at the mercy to whatever left over scraps these GC’s want to give you. It dosnt mean a damn thing how much you can put on a day or if you chew nails and spit rust, if you want to build and sustain a real contracting business you have to know all your costs and you cant cover it with that kind of give away chump changs. There are no heros in this trade.


Just a heads up that job fell through. I repeatedly was contacted by the builder who I found out was a siding salesman. He was supposed to meet up with prints and never showed. He couldn’t read the prints either.

So best if I get out of this one.