New construction

Does anyone here do new construction work?? I was just curious if everyone else’s market was as low as ours? I dont do any simply because I would probably lose money if I did it for what the gc’s are wanting it installed for… I’ve spoken to several and they are all wanting me to be around 25-30/square for up to 7/12. I just don’t see how other roofers are doing it for this!

Let’s just say I get my guys at 18/square to put on… And with GL and WC and payroll taxes that would make it right at $26 per square… So I’d be profiting $4 a square… 30 square house I’d make $120… That’s just absolutely nuts to me… I’d rather sit at home then put on a whole roof for $120 and take on the liability for any leaks that may occur

I hear you B.G Roofer,New construction has been over ran by suicide trade bombers.

It got so bad here a year or so ago that I quit fuggin with it.I have done some additions (NC) resulting in re roofs but nothing 100% NC.

The going rate with the builder buying materials was $27 a while back,then some fuggheads came in doing up to a 7/12 @ $11 per sq. then $15 for steep and still under $20 for super steep.Those are so friggin nuts I refused to compete.I did all the siding and made off very well.

Now in Joplin/Area over 8,000 homes were completely destroyed it might be some NC time.

I hope like hell it maintains some profit.With that amount of NC it is paramount IMO to be involved.At some point those new roof’s will be re roofed and I want my name on them.

I should be able to provide the roofs.siding,soffits and gutters,hopefully.

I have noticed since OSHA and the storm in Denver then on the east coast Joplin has thinned tremendously.

Most NC any more are customs.

I sure would like to get in on some of that work in Joplin. 

new work is only good if its done on your terms “not some other so called roofer, or contractor”. some will pay the right money. I tell the builder right up front that we will be there highest estimate. some still hire us.

Our company does about 90% new construction. We work with some of the biggest, most popular contractors in town. In our area, if a GC offered $25-30 a square for install, he would be laughed at and end up doing it himself lol. The roofer get that’s much, so the company is definitely going to charge double that plus some.

If you going to make any money @ new construction, its going to be by volume…otherwise you are doing them to fill in when re-roofs are slow or just to keep the guys working.

$80 per sq. for labour after all other expenses.$200 total for everything as around here it is common for roofing contractors to supply and install. $50 per sq. for labour when subbed out. This for up to 7/12.

New sucks…RR is where the $ is…

RooferJ is saying just right. You should start on your own terms rather than waiting for other roofers to help you. It not only make you experienced but make you stronger to fight any kind of difficulty in your business.

I guess that depends on your position. Company owner might make more on re-re, but as a roofer I make way more on new construction. I would rather spend my first 3-4 hours of the day getting my install pay as opposed to my tear-off pay.
And our city has the volume of new construction to keep me roofing new everyday.