New Drip Edge Over Old Drip Edge - is this ok?

Hi Everyone, I am new to this, but I need some advice! I am in the process of getting a new roof due to hail damage. The roofing manager had told me they were finished, but when I went up to inspect the work they did - none of the hail damaged vents had been replaced, and I noticed the old flashing / drip edge was still there and in many areas not hanging over the gutter. I brought this to his attention and he said he would fix it. After work I went up to look at what they had done and everywhere they replaced a vent they tore the shingles. They also peeled up the edges of the new roof along the gutter (tearing more shingles) and stuffed the new drip edge under it and over the old drip edge. The end of the roof now seems very loose compared to the areas they did not fix yet and the doubled drip edge causes the end of the roof (shingles) to be slightly raised. Is this double drip edge ok if they replace the torn shingles? There are also foot prints in areas from them walking over the hot roof. Should I be worried about these footprints harming the life of the roof? Thank you for any advise!

None of what you described is ok.


I’m speechless. That’s horrible and totally unacceptable. I’d make them fix all of that prior to paying them the balance. Did they pay your deductible?

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It sounds as if you have been payed a visit by a storm chaser. :anguished:
Not good. This kind of garbage work, unfortunately, is what occurs with many roofing companies that work for insurance companies.

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Wow, new drip edge over old drip is a new one even for me. I’d love to see pics of this disaster. I never say this but do not pay anything to this company and I imagine your whole roof should be redone. Yeah I hope you didn’t just choose the first company who offered you a “free roof”.

P.s. I also think you should spread the word in your area how bad this “roofing company” (while I imagine its just a smooth talking guy with zero roofing experience in a fancy truck who then subs out all his work to the cheapest unproven illegal crew he can find and then pays them peanuts) is. A mistake here and there is ok but the type of work you are describing is completely unacceptable.

Sorry for your loss.
I bet those clowns have rarely seen the likes of you.
I can imagine them talking to each other about it unable to believe that you actually checked the work.
I wonder what else unseen is going on with the installation.
Any pics are always helpful.

drip edge on drip edge. that’s a new one. good luck. sounds like you need it

Expert roofer, we do a lot of insurance work and do quality work. I’ve seen nothing about your company or pictures of your work. All I hear is your constant criticism and bragging when it’s obvious on a lot of your posts, you’re clueless. You mostly seem to be a legend in your own mind.

After seeing the responses here I called their office in Denver to ask if this was OK. The manager said of course not, you need to remove the old drip edge… and I replied ‘well then we have a problem.’ Should have heard the backpedaling after that one.

Long story short, I then called the regional inspector and the contractor who referred them asking the same. I told the foreman doing the work that I was not happy with this and it needed to be fixed. When I got home, all of the doubled up ‘new’ and original drip edge was off, and new ‘new’ drip edge was on. They redid everything they completed the day before, including replacing the shingles with the footprints and tears. Everyone was up there with pads and doing things right.

I have to say it looks like what I would have expected the first time… at last. So much easier to do things right the first time around. What I was told by the foreman is that there are so many ‘roofs’ being replaced in our market now that they are hiring new employees who are cutting corners. I guess he didn’t look, or think I would look. But they are fixing it all and it looks to be a happy ending for this roof.

Thank you everyone for your response!

Wow. Drip edge on drip edge action…hot!!

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I’m glad to hear they responded so well and that you are satisfied.
Sometimes it takes something going wrong to find out if you have hired a good company.

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