New estimate sheets

I know this topic has been brought up in the past. I have designed my own estimate sheets for 3 years now. I bring my design to the local print shop every year and have them made into carbon copies. I am running out and it that time again. Im trying to create a new estimate sheet. Do you guys have any recomadations or samples? I have worked hard every time I create one, so Im not looking for a easy way out. I just would like to get some new ideas to include. I not gona be coping yours word from word. Any help is greatly appreciated!

I found out that when anyone gets information for free, without having to work for it, it becomes completely useless to them.

My versions are done for MY method of estimating, which is not going to be exactly like anyone else’s, so I think everyone should take the time and effort to make what they are comfortable with.

Also, when stuff like tis would get handed out, it would not go to anyone who does not contribute on this or other forums. I think it just shows off who the laziest contractor wanna-be’s are that jump in with their first post and ask for something they don’t deserve.


Send me an e-mail message and I will attach a copy of my Grid and Symbols list for ideas on Monday.

Send to: eddiesdad at sbcglobal dot net

Put “Estimate Grid or Template” into the title of the e-mail.

Anyone? I have know problem emailing a copy of my estimate sheet I use now.


We use Contrackor.

The contract can then be turned into a pdf file. Then it can be e-mailed.

i’ll check it out. im always interested in what other people use.

I do my own too…would be interested in trading…for ideas etc…

please send me samples of of all your estimate sheets




send me to

may i have 1 as well? thanks

May I please have a copy as well? I’m trying to make mine as clean and straight forward as possible.

Start asking your customers for copies of your competitors. Here is how it’s done. “The other guys said…” “really? can I see his proposal?” Right after you’ve gotten the sale “Now you won’t be needing the competitors propsoals, my Boss will give me a bonus if I bring them back. Do you think I could have them?”

Make sure yours is the best of all the proposals you’ve seen.