New felt on re roofing project

Please tell me if the felt/tar paper should be replaced when roofers tear off old shingles and re roof.

Yes. I always replace it. It doesn’t even cost much.


replace it


Of course.

Replace the oldest shingles. It better for roof and statics.






he germany from be :smiley:

Just do it. There are many advantages. Protection when roof left open, lines to follow unless you have G tape and required by manufacturers and probably code. It also makes a goddamn fucked up uneven ass piece of shit deck a little bit forgivable.

I left one roof felted in Minnesota weather. This job was a weekend thing but tore everything off. Wrapped it up when I hired someone really experienced to help me out. Paid him and his partner 850.00 in 1 day back in 1998. We worked in the union together in Minneapolis/St. Paul area for Top-All Roofing.

none of these guys happen can tell you what bad things will happen if you leave the old paper down, because nothing happens.
been roofin my whole life , and have allways left the old felt on.
the only thing that happens when you tear off the old felt is it blows all over the neighborhood.

do what your roofer wants to do.
because it doesnt matter.

and dont want to hear any crap about not seein bad wood.
you dont see bad wood , you feel it.


Gweedo Gweedo gweedo. But you dont see the wave effect in the ply with the old felt on. Personally if you dont remove the old felt i think it is just plain lazy. Do you reuse chimney counter flashing also gweedo?


If there is nothing wrong with counter flashing. I reuse it. Why would you replace something that there is nothing wrong with? Unless the customer asks to have new.

Some times we leave the old felt on. Exspecially on high wind days. Maybe 3 houses a year. Remove enough to put Storm Guard on.

I don’t put on a roof thinking for a second that felt with 36 nails or more in a 3’ x 3’ area is really going to protect much underneath the shingles. Fuck felt!LOL

Counterflashing should not be replaced if the condition of them is good(not bent out, not rusted). The roofer should make that call. Doing that just to say you replaced everything on the roof is wasted money for the homeowner. Some things just don’t need replacing.

Baseflashing(stepflashing) gets replaced. Even if they are in great condition it would be a bigger cost in labor to dismantle them, set them aside, and install them perfectly without creating additional nail holes.

If the person paying to have the work done wants photos for insurance work or something then it is neccessary to take it to the wood. I concur about finding soft or damaged wood by feel and sound so removal of the paper in some cases is not neccessary. I sometimes go right over but I have to be sure that I have a flat surface. I also go over Ice and water shield with paper in extreme heat so as not to sink my boot treads in the hot melted Ice and Water. Ice and water tar and granules in my treads causes slippage on sloped rooftops. Danger; Danger!!!

I am a witness that new felt will protect against wind driven rain even if it has all those nail holes from the shingles , Specially a two-ply system on a 3/12.

Felt will protect against minor wind driven rain and also protect your shingles from deteriorating prematurely due to attic moisture .

Felt is a good isolator .

I may leave the existing felt on only if its nice and flat and if we have bad weather as a emergency backup but i always install new felt under my shingles.

I will not feel comfortable laying shingles over dried-out felt i just dont think it will seal around all those nail penetrations as good as fresh felt.

just my two cents

For those who leave all the old felt on, I ask this:

Have you ever collected full $$ (deductible, etc) on a replaced roof & NOT torn off all the felt? If so, you just committed insurance fraud. The first line will ALWAYS say “Remove XX.XX sq. shingles incl. felt.”

Personally, I remove @ least a 2’ border all the way 'round & this gives me a better idea of what’s going on under there. I’d LIKE to do a full felt off, but it’s not that easy a process for the amount of trash & little chits of felt. If you can do it, the easiest way is to pull all the old tin tabs @ least & a fair amount of nails, then re-roll up the old stuff. This doesn’t work with a layer of felt that’s 30+ years old, though.

Lastly, as a sales person or contractor, you can’t be in every spot @ once. Unless you “walk” the entire roof inch by inch, you don’t know what the crew is passing over or not telling you - that’s a fact of life. I just tossed a guy off a project 2 weeks ago because the ‘section’ he was working had an obviously rotten spot @ a pipe jack hole & he had shingles already over it. I came back from collecting a check on a prior job & saw this - was NOT pleased in the slightest & this wasn’t his first time doing stuff that was an obvious omission, i.e. not making extra $$ other than his daily rate, so let’s just get onward & upward.

IMO, 90% (or better) of a roofs’ rotten decking issues are NOT in field unless you have a tree rub or pipe pen point.

We always remove the old felt. Some companies do not.
After we remove the old shingles and and nails or staples we roll the felt up just like you rolled it out, this helps on the clean up because you roll the debris into the felt. on the bottom row of felt we fold it in half trapping any trash that was left and roll that up.
IMO it is good practice because the homeowner is paying for a new roof.


weve been thru this topic many times before and it allways comes down to this.

in many parts of the country and world they do not beleive in felt paper and do not use it,
and shingles last just as long.

so like i said, do what your roofer wants to do.
it just doenst matter.


Its a black and white issue Gweedo.If anyone dose not use felt then they are a bad excuse for roofer plain and simple. You can try to justify being a hack all you want, we dont buy it.