New flat roof shoe marks after installation

The roofing company did a flat roof overlay and they left shoe marks on the polyfresko material they installed. Will this go away or stay forever It looks ugly. Thanks to everyone in this forum for your help.

They should have covered footprints with new granules during installation. I’d love to know if the bottom sheet is new… a lot of wrinkles.

Thank you. It was an overlay the roofers applied some heat at the bottom of the Bitumen Torch-Down rolls and pasted them on the existing flat roof.

I agree with spreading granules over foot prints
If it broke the granular material at the top.
But it did not.

Agreed that granules would hide those foot impressions.
Long enough to get over it.

Don’t think I would ever do a recover on a flat roof, personally I like to see what te sheathing looks like due to the fact that their are certainly more issues with flat or low pitch roofs to think about than there are with pitched roofs. Recovers generally look like recovers. Whatever is underneath is going to show on the new covering no matter what it is