New Florida Roof code, effective Oct. 1 07!

Just got back from the sarasota county bldg. dept., where I was told on all homes vauled over 300k, Roof must be restrapped to wall by a gen. contractor. This will run sereval thousand I have been told.

Furthermore, Any shingle re-roofs, of any value must have a “secondary water barrier” applied to the plywood under the felt.

Question, what is the most economical way of providing a secondary water barrier under felt?

This looks to add 25% to the cost of re-roofing, effective today.


All I can say is that the weather must be pretty damned nice to make people want to live there :wink:

By “secondary water barrier” do they mean something like an I&W shield? If so, do they want one all over the roof or in the more “prone to leak” areas, i.e. a few feet up all around the eaves & rakes as well as around chimneys & valleys?

(I’m not in Florida, so I don’t know & am a bit lazy to look it up myself).

Oh no, gweedo in trouble now. He said you dont need felt. Man as the truth comes out. I just dont understand. Maybe we can get a colection together and get good old gweedo a code book and someone who can read it to him so he knows he is doing the job right rather than what he posts here. I will contribute 10 bucks anyone else want to put some cash up for gweedo.

The most economical way I have found to do this is to use self adhering starter strip and tape all the joints where the plywood meets. I know this sounds crazy but the idea is that if the whole roof system flys off (hurricane)the water will shed down the plywood instead of in the house.


I now think the most economical way in lieu of labor and material cost is to install a “peel and stick” membrane on the entire roof surface. This is $30 a square material costPolyglass IRX), however by eliminating the simplex nails, #30 felt and labor cost associated with the end result should be an increase of $50 a square on basic, simple roofs from now on in this state.


CRAP!!! It’s all CRAP CRAP CRAP and more CRAP! Laws and ordinances to make peoples live harder and harder, costing more money, this that everything else! OMG!

The insurance companies were all behind it anyways. They just want all the money but no risk. meh! I’m leaving the office and going home now. ugg