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Hello guys, my name is Paul, I own roofing business in eastern NC. I’ve been surfing here picking up some very useful info from you guys posts for the past few months. Well I finally joined the forum. From what I’ve seen there is quite a few good people on this forum sharing some very useful info. I’ve got some experience dealing with insurance claims but I am trying to learn more so that I can get properly compensated instead of just doing it for their basic numbers.

Where in Eastern NC? New Bern is nice…

I think the biggest thing for Insurance work is finding absolutely everything included to build the roof. Some guys love supplementing but I prefer to go in it with a complete or as complete a list as possible. I say that but some Adjusters recently… like to play the dirty. Fourth year and the first time I needed assistance from the Insurance Commission.

Thanks for the welcome Roofcheck, I’m actually just 30 miles west of New Bern in Kinston. Vermont’s nice also rode through Vermont on my motorcycle a few years ago.

Not right now we are getting more snow. I’m done with winter ready for some warmer weather.

A little curious if the new Alabama laws have sent “migrating” workers your way?

We’ve had plenty of those around here for years.

Welcome to the forum. I hope you continue to get useful info.