New GAF Roof Installed Large Section Lighter in Color

Just had a new GAF Timberline HD roof installed last week. Easily noticeable large area of the roof is a lighter color. Noticeable at all times of day. Any idea what this could be from? I have not paid roofer yet for second half of work.

Mixed lot numbers, roofer should have caught that.

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Thanks for quick reply. Assume appropriate response to this is for the roofer to come out and replace?

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Yes, somebody will pay to replace it, roofer, supplier, or gaf.

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There is no viable answer that would justify waiting a certain amount of time for this to change on its own correct? Just trying to anticipate potential responses. Thanks again everyone for your feedback!

They are different colors, plain and simple sir.

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If you still owe half and it’s a reputable contractor, espically being the front of a nice house, I wouldn’t see you having any issues. As Ohio said it’s pretty cut and dry.

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It will never fade to match up during its lifespan in my opinion. Glad you caught this. It drives me nuts when I see mixed lot numbers installed. My supplier and I have an agreement. I don’t ever send left over bundles back and they never mix some other guys returns into my deliveries.

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Just got this response from the roofer: “Yes, it is normal, it is either dust or oil from the manufacturing and packaging process and should wash away within the next few rains storms.”

Hold the money until these rains. One other thing it could be, that I’ve rarely seen is the bundles from the bottom of a double stacked pallet looking different. Still should be fixed gratis by your roofer, or the supplier paying the roofer to fix.

If it were transfer, it would eventually wash off. I’'ve sprayed shingle shield on and washed it off. This looks like charcoal, which will show mixed bundles, very easily. It’s possible this was someone’s return that got stacked as a pallet. Most of the time I see GAF issues like yours, it’s from another plant. In the storm belt, suppliers will bring in product from shatter california, when Ennis can’t meet the needs. These pallets all will be marked, Do Not Mix. My supplier will spray paint the pallet, trying to keep this from happening. It plays havoc when you have a repair some years later.
Your roof, needs to be repaired, now. You bought a new roof. GAF will want you to sit on it for a while. Go passed the local GAF rep until you find the regional manager. The roofer is in a pickle here.

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Thank you for the insight into the process within the insistent, extremely helpful. Since I am still holding on to 50% of the roofers Pay the reqch out to GAF should be conducted by the roofer correct? Even if supplier gave him a mixed pallet the onus falls on the roofer to check lot/stock numbers before sending out to job site correct?

Not neccessarily your roofers fault, you should pay him, and he should help you get it dealt with.
If he operates like most roofers, the material is either delivered or forklifted into a truck. Very hard to ensure lot numbers are correct, very hard to see the difference while installing.


Not sure I want to pay him until he acknowledges that there is a problem. His response is that it will wash away with a few rain falls…

Give it a month or two. I’ve seen some transform nicely, most won’t, especially darker colors. Pay the Roofer, perhaps hold back 10%. If the color doesn’t change, it would in fact be a Manufacturer’s Warranty issue. Was this a GAF Pro Contractor? Did you specify you wanted GAF or did the Roofer recommend it?

The problem may, or may not be, mixed lots. Not many Contractors check lots these days. Not saying that is right but it is just a matter of fact. They shouldn’t have to. This could be a manufacturer’s problem. Perhaps the local supplier had some older material that had been sitting at the bottom/back of the stack and got sent out with newer materials.

Ask the Roofer to bring a Rep from the material supplier and a local GAF Rep out to look at it. If they want you to wait a month or two, have them put in writing they agree to replace it if the problem still exists after an agreed upon period of time.