New guy, new roof

Hello all, I’m a new guy here.

Considering whether to replace my roof or nurse it along for a few more years. I’m in Los Angeles, in a 1500sq foot house with shingle roof. I have done several tar patch repairs over the years, as well as adding venting for the attic. Including a couple of months ago when I discovered a leak around one of the vents. I’ve owned the house since 2001, and me neighbor tells me he thinks the previous owner replaced the roof maybe in the 90s.

A very few shingles are coming off, but I am getting a lot of the rocks running into my gutters when it rains. (Which isn’t often in LA!) And there’s the leak I mentioned.

So, first of all, replace? or keep repairing any leaks and wait till I absolutely need to replace in xx more years?

Second, I looked into metal roofing as an option, and man is it expensive compared to shingles. I love the long life and the energy efficiency though. Are there any kind of shingles on the market that are more energy effiecient than others? Probably would not approach metal or tile roofs I assume, but I’d like to keep that attic as cool as I can without dropping 30k on a roof. May also be looking at solar in a few years, which is another incentive to replace now rather than keep nursing this along.

Thanks for your thoughts!

Replace, you gotten more than your money’s worth out the existing one. Your budget and aesthetic eye will decide what to go back on with. Standing seam is at least 2 1/2 times the cost of shingles. Ribbed metal is junk. Make sure the attic is ventilated properly, that’s as cool as it is going to get.


Thanks for the reply - that’s kinda what I’m leaning towards :-), maybe just needed a little confirmation from a complete stranger haha

Just love tooting your own horn, don’t ya?

Condensation problem is real!!
Scares me to death about metal roofs.