New guy's quick intro

hi, I figured I would tell everyone a little about me before I start bombarding you guy’s with my questions. first off I have to say I am happy to find this forum, it has already showed me some mistakes I made in the past. lol. I stumbled on here at around 10 last night and next thing I know it was 1:30. ok, now about me. I am a mechanical contractor from Pulaski ny. I have been in the field for almost 21 years and on my own for about 13 of them. since I was 14 I have been in the construction field working at my family’s company. we did roofing, not a ton and mostly shingle. we were mainly framing and siding. I do have some experience but nothing to brag about and not enough to help me with my situation. i purchased this house 4 years ago with cash. i did this because it was gutted and had been vacant for just under 20 years and did not need the added attention from the town with all it’s legality stuff. lol. it is around 120 years old. i changed the floor plan, moved stairs, replaced all beams and joist. we jacked the center up 11 1/2 inches and i put a 16" steel i beam in to carry the weight above. this house is brand new but deeded 120 years old. the only thing i didn’t change was the shell. it’s balloon framing and i am not a fan of it. i bought it to flip it but it’s hard because my wife and daughter love it. i do not like this house, at all. i did not build it for me, ya know what i mean? everything is done right and is nice but it just doesn’t have that “comfy” feel. i will go into detail about the house in my question thread. well, as i said, this site has helped me a lot in the short time, and i am positive i will gain more as i go. i wish i could add to the roofing knowledge here but i doubt it. lol. but, maybe i can help with heating and plumbing questions. thank you in advance for any help, chris.

That sounds like a really cool project, hope to hear more about it.

I’m pretty sure your initial welcome will be much greater than mine was. :lol:

There’s a fair amount of Do it Your selfers that come on here with framing questions and the like.

Welcome! :smiley: