New home build... Need advice on roof... looks horrible

Please give me your pro opinion on the roof just applied to my new home being built.
The shingles are Atlas 35 year the roof was finished
about two weeks ago and it has been over 70 degrees. To me it appears they are misaligned badly and poorly laid. Thanks for your info.

More pictures added …

Thanks for all your input … what should be done…?

I see that some of the shingles are butted too tight together and some have some rips in the shingle. At least their atlas shingles though so you will have to get it redone in a few years. :slight_smile:

The ripples should lay down. Even the spots were the shingles were butt together too tight should lay down.

The rips in the shingles occured more than likely when they were taking boards out, looks steep.

Never heard of Atlas laminate shingles.

Not pickin’ up what bambam is, I do see two corners raised but they are on the same course near the ridge so it is probably where the staging brackets were removed. Roofers also went the extra mile by adding that top course when some guys would have just raised the lower three or four to get away with not doing it.

Thanks for the input… how about the alignment… there seems to be no pattern and many small tabs showing…?

Without seeing how they nailed it…

I think they did a good job.
The pattern is correct. Good, large stagger.
It will look better as each day passes.

I like the Atlas Pinnacle(but not their charcoal)
Better than GAF/ELK.

But i am not using them right now because i can get Certainteed for less.

I probably wouldnt use GAF/ELK at any price.
Too thin, too much granules, not enough asphalt,mat in my opinion.
They are an attractive shingle though.

Shingles butted to tight may never lay flat

pattern is correct. architectural shingles have a random pattern.

What I was saying is that IMO Atlas is not a very well made shingle. At the local supply store they are stacked on pallets in the back next to all the IKO’s. Anyways, from the new pictures from when I posted it does look like they havent laid down yet which is odd considering it has been two weeks in 70 degree weather. Perhaps they were butted too tightly together. Those overlaps could be from the roofer trying to straighten out the course of shingles in one row instead of over a few. I have never done a roof in any weather where it took more than a couple of days to lay down as long as the sun was hitting it.

KrakkerJak… The two corners that are raised are on two different courses if you look closer and doesnt everyone run that course? If its more than 6 inches from the ridge you have to run another course otherwise most ridge caps will not cover it.

seems to me just another shotty shingle job…i see this all the time from cut throat wanna be roofers…Atlas is a common shingle, not that great of one, in my opinion, but that is why we have different ones…If you look closely at the pics you can tell by the ends that they were not cut straight, does not look like any lines were chalked, it looks like they bonded the whole roof. And in my opinion a house of this size shoulda a had some ridge vent put on it, for proper ventilation. just my 2 cents worth… BUT, I HAVE SEEN WORSE!!!

looks like to me the shingles were loaded
bent over the ridge, doing this puts a bad bend in the shingles and you get those humps.
it will eventually lay down, just wont happen very fast cause the roof is so steep and the gravity doesnt work as well.
its gonna need 80 + degree, sunny, weather for a couple of months.
you guessed it, next spring.