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Hey guys I just found this forum after a small search.
I guess I will start by talking about myself.

My name is Brandon, I am 24 and I’ve been roofing now for 7 years. I decided a few weeks ago to apply for my business license and try out things on my own. I just signed paper work for my insurance policy and I just have to turn in the application for my license.
Any advice for me? Anything I should be cautious of?
Any thing you would have done differently when you first started out?

Thanks guys
Brandon L
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no matter what you do in life to make a living. BE HONEST. Dont be one of those people that give everyone else in the business a bad name, if you get in over your head be honest tell the other people envolved what is going on. be honest and make as much money as you can. simple as that .



A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush

For installing, "watch closely while your are tearing off. This will teach you the most about roofing.

For business, "have a mentor… If it is uncomfortable for you to do. Then it is a good chance it will produce results. The people who fail will not do the uncomfortable things.

One of the most uncomfortable things is not spending money. Have the money for something when you buy it. When business is slow you do not have to worry about paymants.

Welcome and good luck to you Brandon.

Since you already have 7 years of being a worker, you have seen that side of the business.

But, what are you prepared for, from the office side of things, or are you in the position of not knowing what you do not know?

Keep in touch on various forums and that will be a big help, but don’t expect others to figure out your quotes for you. You have to decide what you can charge and be fair to yourself and any possible employees.


Good luck to you

Well I know the office side of things as well as the estimating part.
Currently I am employed with a large commercial company, I’m working as an estimator for them.

I’m primarily going to be focusing on small repairs as well as general roof maintenance.