New metal roof flashing

My girlfriend’s Dad recently hired a general contractor to put on a new metal roof for his house. The contractor sub-contracted a roofing company to do it and that’s the last I had heard about the roof. When I came over the first time to see the house I noticed a strange, rubberish flashing which I’ve never seen before on standing seam roofs. I was just wondering if this is standard to do this and if it’s not, is there a possibility it will leak or need to be replaced sooner than a standard installation? Thanks

    I guess I need to post a second time to put the pictures up.

Here are the pictures I took
Any ideas?

is it lead?

It’s some kind of malleable metal I think or rubber?

Looks like a problem IMHO, maybe someone with more metal roof expertise can advise you better.

that would be something we Never use on are metal roofs… :shock:

It looks like that Velux flashing kit with the rubber gaskets. I channel flashing goes along the sides and water is supposed to come out at the bottom. They work OK I guess. As long as you’re in a pollen and dust free area. I fabricate my own from the roof panels so no water goes under the roof.

So in your professional opinion, is this something that my girlfriend’s Dad should look into getting fixed (as in the way that every other skylight I’ve seen) or should he just forget about it? I know he payed a lot of money for the roof because of the look and function of a standing seem roof and to have that strange flashing with bolts going sticking out seems…odd. Also, it’s definitely not a pollen and dust free area!

It might work OK. I don’t know. I have my own preferences on how I do things. Some don’t like how I do things.
Without touching and literally tasting it, I can’t say yes or no about what to do. You have a warranty, right?

Yeah, I believe he does have a warranty.

One major concer is how the side panels are cut. Do the cuts cross the panels completely? Or are the panels just split for the funny material?[attachment=0]Metal Gasketed Roof.jpg[/attachment]

I can’t see the panels at the top of the skylight.

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I wish I could upload better quality ones but they limit it to 256k. The large open slit did kinda concern me too and yes, they do go all the way across.

That’s good. All the way acros means they lapped the panels. A split panel stopping where I circled those corners will leak every time.
As for the rest of it, time will tell.

Is that a new skylight? Ive seen that type of flashing,which is lead(i’m pretty sure) by the way,come with some skylights as a flashing kit. I just throw it away (recycle) usually.

There’s one new skylight and a older one but the same flashing was used for both.