New Metal Roof Problem

Just had this metal roof installed. I was aware that the structure in the front was sloping and told by my roofer that it would be visible with a metal roof. They’ve been really good to work with, but I don’t think even they imagined it would look quite like this with all the ripples and bumps. I can’t afford any structural repairs. Do you guys have any suggestions on what I can do to try to improve the appearance? Or anything decorative I can add to cover it? My roofers, who have been very nice in general, are saying nothing can be done. I’m jut really heartbroken over having paid so much for a roof that looks like this in the front. Thank you.

Absolutely nothing other than tear it off and reframe it. Metal shows everything and along with that you will probably have oil canning as well. We run our own panels on site and always warn customers that if the framing isn’t perfect there will be oil canning. Sorry you have to experience this. I’m sure that roof wasn’t cheap.


Thank you for your reply. No, not cheap. I just went out now in the morning light and it looks nice. I think I can live with it. Thanks again.

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Not sure if it would work, but jacking up the eaves would mitigate the problem.

I’m with Tileman. Sounds like the contractor explained the problem before getting started.

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Nothing can be done short of replacing everything and reframing the roof. I disagree with darkthirty about jacking up the eves. I think that would likely open up a giant can on worms and you could end up with more issues than you currently have.

I warn customers about using standing seam on imperfect structures too. However, if it’s as bad as yours I would have just walked away from the job if someone asked me to install standing seam on something that extreme. I could to the best craftsmanship even and people would still look at the job as if i’ve done something wrong.


We and some other metal roofers I know are walking off of jobs lately due to shitty framing. We have 50 degree same day temperature swings and oil canning is an issue on perfect framing. Throw in some dips in valleys or between rafters and it looks horrible. We also refuse jobs where people want no striations or strengthening ribs in panels. We can hand out all the oil can literature we have and people will still come back at us. We also use backer rod under our panels to minimize this.

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The bow in the roof is due to no cantilevering/inadaquate support of the soffit assembly.

We do a fair number of SS re-roofs and this is always discussed prior to the job. If there is a dip we just do what we can no guaranties but we will make an effort to minimize it. Humps on the other hand we tend to leave them alone.

If it really is bad and your unable to live with it solar panels can hide it. It is that or remove the roof, fix the framing and then reroof… big $ to fix that.

Humps are bad. Consistent dips in the field can be somewhat accommodated for. We can adjust our machine to achieve a slight inward curve to follow a consistent plane. It’s when shit is all over the place that it gets bad. We are getting away from 1” standing seam and going with a clip system lock seam, 1 1/2” rib. Hopefully soon the only panel we sell with a screw flange will be to homeowners and DIYs.

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Thank you everyone for your comments! I really appreciate the support. Thankfully the majority of bumps and wrinkles in the panels were smoothed out the next day the guys came out to work on it. They’ve been great to work with and upfront about everything. I definitely knew my roof was shaped like this to begin with, so no surprise there. I was just really put off by the lumps, which seem to have been mostly resolved. You see the change in pitch for sure if you’re looking for it, but it was always there and it’s something I can deal with for now. In fact, I was looking around my 70+ year-old subdivision and noticed a lot of porch roofs tend to dip like this.
I may invest in solar panels to cover it down the road. I think that was a really great suggestion, and a win/win as we tend to lose power often here due to hurricanes and storms.
Thanks again, everyone! Happy holidays!

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