New OC oakridge, major disappointment - help please

Hi all, im new the forums, but see there is alot of experts here. Any help would be greatly appreicated. I just had a brand new owens corning roof put on last week, oakridge arch onyx black. When the sun hits the roof the right way, esp on my garage, there seems to be an oily shine to some of the shingles. Its like random sections all over the roof. But the garage is the most noticeable. My home faces the north. My contractor said he has never this and might have to contact OC. I have attached 2 pics… one is the east side of the garge (shine near top of roof) this occurs in the afternoon, the west side is noticeable only in the morning. I attached that pic when it looks fine… What the heck is up with this?


I’ve never seen that before… but I dont use OC anymore at all, and never will again.

Same here never seen that. Might be not enough granuals covering the asphalt. Elk is the shingle of choice on the west coast.

hmmm… I wonder if some of those shingles are AR and some arent.

One more note… Even on the side where the shine isnt noticeable due to the sun position. you can tell something aint right with 2-3 ft of the leftmost and top of that side of the garage

Out of the past 500 or so roofs here’s what I’ve done with Owens Corning.

#1. Oakridge 30 year 2008. A couple bundles were a shade off from the rest.

#2. Duration 30 year 2008. Same story as above.

#3. Duration 30 year a couple months ago. AGAIN same story as above.

Looked at a 7 year old Oakridge roof a couple years ago with cracks all over the place.

I don’t care for Owens Corning shingles.

Ok , so i screwed up and agreed to use this crappy product… Do i press to have the roofer replace the glossy shingles? Harass OC? Or just leave it…hoping it will be come less noticable? Advice?

Hi, first I dont think its your roofers fault, looks like he did a nice job. Contact OC. Out here in Central ca, the OC rep is the best of any the shingle manufacturers, in my oponion.If your guy is like ours, hell take care of you. -Ray

for sure a manufacturer problem, NOT the roofers problem.

OC is a terrible shingle.

Hey Josh, not all oc are terrible.The Woodmoor/woodcrest are better than the compitition in my oponion. Ive had good luck with Duration premiums too.

definitely contact your rep. HAve you or the roofer gone up on the roof to se if there is an oily residue on the shingles of if from straight on there is a color/shade difference? have you have any rain to clean the roof? i know most reps, especially elk reps will respond with “give it a couple months and see”. if your rep does this dont give in to it. you and your roofer should press on them to find a solution.

good luck!

I do like the high end stuff from them. There quality is just not comparable to the others.

I couldn’t believe how thin the Duration Premium was.

The home owner was shown a Landmark Premium and a Duration Premium and couldn’t believe the Duration was also a 50 year shingle. I put my shingle guage on it and it bottomed out at a 30 year shingle.

He had to match Cinnamon Frost CT which were on his garage so found the closest thing in Duration Premium at $75 a square! Compared to the Landmark Premium it was almost half the price.

The hotel we did a couple years ago with the missmatched Duration shingles the OC rep required a couple shingle to be pulled.

Make sure the “shine” isn’t the onyx granule they have used in the past. They used to make a shingle called Black Onyx and it had a shine.

I contacted OC, there are going to send a claim packet for me and my roofer to send in. He isnt too optmistic on them replacing the whole roof. The more we looked at the house the more we saw the shine on random sections of the house, more so on the north, read bad on the peak angles, etc when the sun is hitting it the right way.

however, when its overcast or when you actually go up on the roof the shingle color matches exactly, so he thinks its oils.

Will oils fade away?? Im pretty pissed about this.

I’ve seen this problem on a roof that I put on last year. It was the same brand and color of shingels that you used. The shine did somewhat go away with time but if I was you I would go ahead with the claim packet. I don’t think you will get your entire roof replaced though.Most likely they will replace the affected product and the cost to replace them. The homeowner that I worked for didn’t think it was that big of a deal and did not contact OC about the problem.

I see this all the time with Iko cambridge shingles, and you will see that shining for years to come.With Iko, the asphalt seems to seep to surface kind of like they stacked the bundles right off the assembly line while there too hot and the weight from bundles causes the asphalt tar to become visible and the sun shines right of this. Also when the granules are rolled on to shingle during production,the roller positioning may alter and can embed granules inconsistent and sun picks up on this too causing shading effects. Usually on the bundles it states that the shingle manufacture is not responsible for shading problems associated with product.They will tell you it will go away after a year or so but it will always shine at the right sun angle.

I’m waiting on the claim packet to come in the mail. I attached a couple pics of the other side of the garage in the morning and the front of the house…Im going to send all of these with my claim. I cant decide if the shine is normal and the darker black sections is the issue…or vice versa

first off, only roofboy should be usin black
shingles( hes in alaska for those who dont know)
he needs a 400 degree shingle.

sorry u got black shingles and sorry
someone talk u into owens corning.
better call em now, and tell em your not happy before they get out of the shingle makin bussiness.