New Re-Roof Problems

I had a new roof installed in October. The old roof was two layers which were completely removed to the decking. Ice and Water barrier was placed on the entire roof before the new shingles were installed along with new flashing and drip edge. The gutters were removed and reinstalled after the roof was completed. The gutter originally had Gutter Helmet type (reverse flow) guards which were also removed and reinstalled.

This winter we have had severe ice dam issues, but, I have never had the problem in 20 years that I had this year. Water is just leaking down the outside walls from under the soffits and fascia as never before… I also now have leaks inside the porch section of the house which has the flattest roof area. I have used a roof rake to remove the snow where I could reach it.

My question is where to start to look fro the problem, Could it be possible that the gutter and gutter guards are not installed properly to cause this problem? Or, does it have something to do with the new roof? I am just looking to know where to start.


It sounds like you may have ice damming on the lower slope portion of the roof, pics are pretty much always helpful.

Do you know what brand the ice & water shield is?
I ask because I have seen several cases where off brand I&W shield just plain doesn’t work.

It’s probably not the gutter helmets, they only go a little under the first course.

What type of roofing did you have before they tore off and installed new? I am asking because you mentioned they installed ice and water shield on the entire roof deck. I know of many people that think that is the way to go if you have a low pitch roof not steep enough for shingles. They just I+w the whole thing and shingle away. I really disagree with doing this and think its asking for problems. Do you know the pitch of roof?

Some types of “gutter helmet” are screwed through the shingles. But it sounds like an ice dam. You say you never had these problems before, did the venting get changed?

First off, Thank you both for answering. I am just the homeowner not a roofing pro.

I was able to access the porch roof from a bedroom window. I spent three days carefully shoveling snow and ice to remove it all. The outside walls and inside still leaked for two days after. We finally had four dry, warmer days and it stopped.

I could see the large ice dams and removed them carefully, hoping that was the issue. I also took off the gutter guards on that section of the roof. They were only screwed into the gutter front edge and each other and just layed on the roof between the top course and the bottom two. I was hoping that maybe that was causing some of the problem. I looked at the gutter itself and it was installed under new drip edge. To answer your question, none of the venting was changed.

So, today it is raining to beat the band and I have water coming from under the soffit and down the outside porch wall again (nothing inside yet) and quite frankly I am stumped. The roof has the I&W barrier put on before the new architectural shingles. The old roof had two layers removed and not a stick of felt paper under it.

I have researched as much as I can understand right now in layman terms. Any suggestions appreciated as to where to start.

Time to get the roofers back, a leak caused by just rain is most likely an installation error. Good luck!

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It is a low pitched roof over the porch (guessing 3/12 or 4/12) and over the main portion of the second level. Again, I am just the homeowner, not a professional.

We had a 3 inch snow yesterday which melted very rapidly due to the temperature and sunshine. I was able to get on a ladder and observe what was happening without getting drenched in a rain storm now that the gutter guards are off. The water was dripping heavily from the soffit area. It looked to me like the water was going behind the drip edge. In some places, the gutter wasn’t behind the drip edge but on top allowing water to get behind. That is one of the problems and this was also happening on the steep portion of the roof.

I have notified the home improvement company and they are coming out to assess the situation. I am just trying to gather as much knowledge as to what is happening and what can be done to correct it beforehand. Would it be proper to call another roofing company to get a second opinion?

It is very frustrating and we are concerned about damage being caused by this.


Ice dams are usually occur due to 2 reasons. Improper ventilation or insulation. A properly vent roof should be able to keep the attic cool so the snow does not melt and refreeze on the eaves. Insulation in your attic also helps keep the warm air in the living spaces below, where it belongs. Here is a useful video explanation: Preventing Ice Damming - YouTube

Attic ventilation is 2 part system with intake at the eaves that let the cool air in and then ridge vents at the top which let the warm air out.

Ice dams form when the attic warms up and starts to melt the snow on the roof. The snow will melt from the bottom up. The melted snow will run down your roof and refreezes once it reaches your overhang, which is not heated.

Hope this helps.

Angel Pineda