New Ridge Vent - Does this look right?

I noticed this morning on my new ridge vent that was installed a couple of weeks ago what appears to me the nails are coming out. I just wanted to get some more opinions before I contact the contractor. I am thinking the nails are too short.

I would appreciate all comments.


yes something is wrong!!! either nsils are to short or they didnt hit any wood.

It’s also possible they used smoothbore / 16D nails & not ring shanks.

If your ridge vent was a GAF Cobra III, it will come with the nails sorta built in (snapped into it). A LOT of nails… like 3x the amount you really need. There are a lot of other brands that incorporate the right nail into the vent.

Give us a photo from the top if you can safely get up there. I.E. looking DOWN @ the top of an exposed nail.

Then, go in the attic & measure how large a slot they cut (from center down the slope). If it’s someone who didn’t know what they were doing, the slot may be too wide.

Finally, was it a “real” roofer or a carpenter? Maybe a handyman? Believe it or not, that’s an important question.

The nails look long enough.
31 Did they hit wood?
#2 Ring shank or twisties for me
#3 there is trick to putting down these plastic type vents, as opposed to the roll out type.

My guess? #2 & 3

I would have to say, either the nails pulled out or didn’t hit wood - or - they didn’t bend the vent in the middle to match the pitch of the roof. That could explain why the bottom of the baffle is not sitting flush on the roof and you can see the nails.

Call them back to have it done correctly.

I didn’t know you were supposed to use ring shank nails at the ridge. Is this just for these plastic vents or are you including rolled vents? I just tacked down the rolled ridge vents with a few nails and then drove the ridge caps with the rest. The ridge cap nails penetrate the vent as well. I used 2 1/2 nails.

The Cobra III product used to be a Headrick Building Products vent and they included Maze Nails snapped into the top of the vent. Since GAF took over the product line, I don’t know if they still use Maze or something else.

It may depend on the type of vent, but corrugated plastic vents like our low profile products (5/8" thick) can be applied with the same 1 1/2" or 1 3/4" coil nails that you would apply your shingles and caps with. With most of our higher profile products (3/4"-1" thick), we put 2 1/2" galvanized roofing nails in the box.

They just need to pump a few nails into the rafters. Is the plywood thinner than 5/8" or maybe OSB? I’ve done a lot of ridgevent without ringshanks and never had that problem.

What happened was the roofer laid the ridge vent on the roof without nailing the vent first trying to save time and effort. When you start nailing the cap, the loose vent has a tendency to flare out… I bet you can nail that vent every three inches and it still wont lay the way it should. You need to take it all up, SEAL THE NAIL HOLES, bend the vent to the pitch of the roof,and nail the vent properly (where it tells you to nail), and recap. If your careful(lucky) you wont destroy the vent or cap. (when its cool out so you don’t scar the new roof)

My guess is it the product is shingle vent II. Improper installation is the error. Like others said - have them come back and fix it per the manufactures instructions.

i have used 3 inch roofing nails for as long as i have been installing them. Never heard of uising ring shanked nails. either way installed wrong. probably the cut is too big

what are we gonna do with bread?

doesnt matter what kinda nail ya use.
if it doesnt hit wood , its gonna do exactly what it
is doin.

have fun fixin that one mr. whoever you are roofer.

I finally got the roofer to come back out and look at this - he said nothing is wrong and it is correct. I haven’t talked to him yet. He just left me a message saying this.

Any ideas what I should do next? I havne’t paid him yet.

tell him…you had it inspected by other roofing proffesionals (us) and we all say it is wrong. you will pay him when it is replaced. can you take pics from the inside of the attic looking up at the cut of the ridge?

I should be able to get those pictures - what exactly am I looking for though?

Are you listening to the roofing professionals on this site ?? We can take a look at your pictures and tell you that it is wrong.

Of course he will tell you it is correct. Have him fix it correctly or call the manufacture rep out and get his opinion.

One you pay him… good luck having him come out and fix anything.

i would like to see the size of the cut on the inside & how far the nails of the ridge vent poke through.

It’s me again - I have talked to the owner and he agreed to have one of his inspectors come out and look at it. He did this morning and says everything is ok and that it is the “nature of the beast” with ridge vents and that 90% of all ridge vents installed look like that.

I once again told him that the install is not acceptable to me. He said he would talk to the owner.

Any suggestions on what my next step should be - I have yet to pay him. I did contact the manufacturer of the AirVent ridge vent and did get a reply back stating that the vent appears to not be correctly fastened to the roof.

I have the feeling this is going to get ugly and would like comments and suggestions on how I should be handling this.


Like the others said, it isn’t installed correctly…
There are a number of reasons it could turn out like that.
The worst case scenario is that the slot is too wide or there is narrow strips of wood at the ridge that broke when he tried to nail into it.
If this is the case there just isn’t anything to nail into and the wood needs to be fixed.
More than likely it just needs to be removed and installed correctly.
The plastic ridgevents need to have an arch in them to lay correctly, it appears as though your vent doesn’t have that arch.

I think RooferPete has the right idea,