New Roof Advice

****I hired a local contractor to put on a new roof, & completely gut & remodel 4 other rooms in my house. Was told by many “you can’t go wrong with him.” Step one was the roof as we were having water problems. It looks nice from the street, but while this is the first time I ever had a roof put on, I feel it was a bit of a sloppy job. Please let me know what you think & if I’m over reacting. We are in the NYC area, lots of 95+ degree days in the last month for the roof to seal. I haven’t heard from the contractor in 3+ weeks, despite a once a week call. I do not know what the top roof looks like up close, but it looks fine from the street. These are certainteed landmark premium shingles. There is a lower 1 story roof that was damaged when the roofer put a ladder on this new roof & put a hole in the new shingles & damaged many others with the ladder. They fixed the hole, but left before I saw they did not fix the other damaged shingles (scrape marks from the ladder). There is tar on a few shingles, some shingles have not sealed and are bowing out, there is a bite in one of the shingles in the front.

Am I correct in assuming these problems should be addressed by the contractor? How long should I wait to hear back from him? What should my next step be if I do not get a response? Thanks for any help & opinions.****�tween%%between%


Oh my gosh…sorry female poster, probably giving too much detail men don’t like to hear.

  1. How long do I wait to hear back from a contactor regarding returning to fix problems with shingles on a new roof, before getting in touch with local consumer affairs (or taking some other action)?

  2. Should new shingles with tar, chips, buckling cause me to be concerned?

Hope that’s brief enough.

monkey pulled the gieco caveman responce on her.

said roofer should give one h/o a responce
within a few days.
and shingles get chiped and tared all the time.
the bucklin thing, well, we try to keep that to a minumum.
if ya know what i mean.

good day.

Looks like a lack of tools to do the job neatly.

My God. who cut that rake edge ?