New roof and cracked/split plywood

We just had a new roof installed and one thin piece of plywood around 4"x8’ at the peak of the roof where the ridge vent is split up and cracked when roofers nailed shingles/ridge vent down.

The roof company claimed it is going to be fine and all the warranty still hold and refused
to replace the damaged plywood as it would need to remove the ridge vent system and all. I personally want them to replace since the cracked plywood is a weak spot. Not only that, I expect the roof to last 2 decades that it has to endure wind, snow and sun. Please advice.

My gut say no big deal and i would agree with them. A pic of the issue would enable a better evaluation.

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Weak spot for what? It’s supporting about zero load where it’s located. I’d leave it alone.

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Is there a way to upload a picture on here?


Supporting snow and strong wind.

If there is any deflection on the damaged section it will leak during blowing rains.

Enduring customer anxiety vs a simple fix of a small piece of plywood. Fix the wood.

IMO, the issue is less the probability the wood will fail but rather the acknowledgement this has pissed you off and you want it fixed.

Solution? Beer and dueling lawn darts at 10 paces!

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One of the reasons i try to steer away from ridge venting…
We are cutting away the support from the top of the roof…

Sometimes the ridge vent hole sheeting can look pretty beat up and cracked from the inside.

But no one stands on the ridge vent once its
There is no load to worry about.

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Do you bend over for every customer that complains?

Sorry, hit reply prematurely. I agree about making sure every customer is satisfied when we leave but if you fall into this rhythm of customer always being right without showing any spine you will always be subservient to them and will become a victim to everyone threatening a bad review. Never read a book on “how to close the deal”! but we leave every job with a great review/referral waiting for us, even when we had to resolve conflict.I don’t ever have to kowtow to some passive/aggressive asshat. Reward for all those bundles and hot tar buckets I hauled up ladders I guess. Not willing to take shit from people unnecessarily when we did everything we said we’d do.


Self assessed superiority, student of human nature, nobody gives a crap how hard anyone works, help them feel assured, blah blah blah. Put on some nailbags and shed the knee pads. Have you even been up a ladder or does eagleview tell you everything you need to know?

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Ouch. Sorry and let me know how I can help if needed. I feel guilty now.


Mr Teesla! Wondered where you’ve been!


Damn … my true identity has been compromised!

If it were my roof would i have them pull it up? No.

If i was your contractor and my explanation didn’t put this to bed then more than likely i would be replacing the plywood. Some folks just wont sleep at night if they think there is a potential issue and i get that vibe from your posts.

If it was two sheets hell NO, you seen the prices lately :wink:


And I would agree with that strategy. Explain things in an honest and reasonable manner first. If the customer is dead set on a minor repair then we would always do it. Some people (no names mentioned) just capitulate to every request and it is absolutely not necessary to establish a great reputation. There are a lot of passive/aggressive people (again no names mentioned) who feel whole by boxing a contractor in and winning a meaningless battle that costs the contractor money and does not improve the quality of the job. I am so thankful that we don’t have to validate our existence by sucking up to an unreasonable customer to get them to approve of our top notch work on social media. The only bad reviews we have after 25 years in business are based on me or one of my trucks cutting someone off in traffic (they deserved it) or some jerkoff neighbor of one of our jobsites who got woke up and complained saying “the owner is extremely rude”, which is also true.


“Assuming the problem is legitimate “ is the key phrase that you always omit in your rush to always provide free stuff. We would tear off an entire roof of ours if done incorrectly and have done so after installing the wrong color before. We have ALWAYS made our mistakes right without any need for combat or even tension, and we part with our customers amicably on every job. The point I’m making that the student of human nature doesn’t grasp, is that I don’t honor unreasonable requests if our work is done properly. By the way our reputation is golden in our area and our customers love us. Yes, when a customer mistakenly thinks we dinged his gutter I will usually fix it if I forgot to take before pictures. No I will not jump through unnecessary hoops to placate someone trying to get something for free. Worked really well for me all these years. When you’re ready for my class send me a couple hundred bucks and I’ll sign you up. It will teach you how to have a spine and control your customers properly while still getting great reviews and references.

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Here are a few pictures that I was able to take.

Looks broken and based upon the image, your concern is legitimate.

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OSB = Ohh Somna Bitch

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Ol shitty board is what we call it. To OP’s issue, quite a few times we’ve cut out 13.5 in and put back 12 in to get rid of that narrow, fragile strip at the ridge

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