New roof buckling

I had new roof installed for hail damage. Pictures show some buckling. Roofer says this is not his fault due to rafter crowning. It was not visible on old roof and he didn’t even get on roof to check if improper felt install. Does anyone else think these look bad and should I pursue further with roofer. … fullsize=1 … fullsize=1

That does not look like a crowned rafter to me. A crowned rafter would have a more gradual rise and fall. Looks like felt or buckled sheathing.

looks like popped plywood. common cause are hasty crews that dont take the time to renail the sheathing. they many time pull the sheathing nails when there ripping.

Definitly not an acceptable installation. It is either buckled felt or sheeting pop. Only reason I would think it’s not sheeting is because sheeting ends should not line up directly going up the roof. I would say it’s a felt issue and you need to make sure they fix it or take it further. Not acceptable.

I’ve seen similiar where the sheeting was installed vertically. :frowning:

Vertically huh? The must of put the sticker sideways!

is that a garage roof?

i think it’s the felt paper

depending on temp will say the wood or felt. if its cold where you are then its wood, if not its the felt. Make them fix it since that is an automatic void of warranty.