New roof caused my attic joists to come apart?


I am new here and looking for advice or answers. I received just got my new roof put on this past October. Looks great however about 3 weeks later while in the attic to get Thanksgiving deco down and noticed 3 attic joists have come apart. Below the attic joists that came apart my ceiling in my kitchen/Living room started to drop. The roofers came back and jacked up my ceiling reinforcement the attic joists and also my ceiling as well. They asked if I did any major projects in my home which has been zero besides paint on the walls and new facets.

My question is did the roofers cause this? If not what? Also I need my ceiling repainted should I also ask them to repaint it as well?

Need pics. Local terminology and trade terminology don’t always mesh. If you could get pics in the attic and pics outside corelated to the interior problem, I’m almost certain someone here can advise.

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how its possible ?maybe you had loose joists before they started working and just found it.
only possible reason i think might be stacking shingles above it,still.shingles would compress joists assembly as a whole thing
physically theyre held by nails ,nothing else

Did your roofers get on your roof? Then of course they caused it. You should have contracted roofers that do contactless roof replacements. It’s the newest thing.


Like most people, I bet you never looked up until the roofer was done.

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Drive-by Roofing …

Here is a picture of 1 of the 3 joists that came apart. I have 12 total pics before and after I am only allowed to post 1 pic since I am new.

Those are trusses. And that would be a rafter… Only thing I can think of with the limited info, is the trusses aren’t bearing according to specs. Did you build or buy the house?

Lousy builder is the cause of this. He never inspected it, I guess…is there any lower trusses disconnected like this? Whats the drywall below look like?

Something else had to have let go…

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The guys are right. The roofer didn’t have anything to do with this problem. The truss plates were poorly installed on your truss. The struts have now come loose. This is a major issue if these areas are long spans. Your ceiling joist are falling. You need to have a framer or carpenter come in and support the ceilings. They will have to be jacked up, back into place where the original truss plate is. I would install collar tie’s, across the struts, from rafter to rafter. Everything would be screws. You could take some Simpson Strong tie’s and screw them in place of the truss plate. Your carpenter will know what to do.

Right now, the only thing holding the roof up is the compression of the rafter. Without that strut, this could be shoving your wall plates out. I don’t believe this was the roofers problem. This was an issue, long before the roof was installed.

i have long suspected gang nails as a weak link. is there a better way? just some kind of simpson tie? i like plywood pieces/screws instead with the jacking idea.

I bought the house 15 years ago

The roofers did come back and jacked up my ceiling and reconnected the struts. They also screwed the drywall back up. This is strange because I have been up in the attic a lot and they were not apart. The owner of the roofing company came back out and notice that my right side of the roof dropped. He believed that the 10 boxes of clothes caused the truss plates to come apart. Also I live in a split level and wondered if there was a wall between the kitchen in living room? Never for a split level.

I did not know that I had to look up in my attic while the roof was being put on. Plus I was at work during the job.

Here is the roofer company’s fix to solve the problem with the roof. They reinforce the floor joists and also where they tie into the floor. Everyone’s thoughts about how they fixed this issue. Thank you for taking the time.

Kudos to them for doing what they did to remedy the issue left by the builder. Those are collar ties.

Check that, gussets…

Generally a roof has rafters or trusses not joists, is it a flat roof or a pitched roof and wasn’t torn off and reroofed or recovered