New roof dip at the ends

I just had a new roof installed in July. All of the rafters were sistered, 3/4" plywood etc. There is a noticeable slight dip at the ends. The roofing company told me that this is normal. Just looking for confirmation if possible. Also, it is just just the end of the ridge vent. There is a little dip the entire way down

Looks like a high fascia board creating the dip.

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Is that an issue that I need to have addressed?

I’d consider it cosmetic. It usually happens when the ridge is cut for ventilation and the ridge vent is run all the way to the uncut fascia board, leaving a 2-3 inch rise.

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Normal on an older home.
See it all the time!
It looked exactly like that before the new roof,
You just didnt notice it.

Lots of homes do not have perfectly straight ridge lines that do not get noticed until after a new roof is installed.

And all new decking still doesnt make it perfectly straight/level.

Nothing can be done unless you want rip the whole side of the house off and reframe it.
Not a cosmetic i would pay 10s of thousands for…

That ridge vent?
Its a soft ridgevent that depends on the delicateness of the installer to not drive the fastener too deep.
Its going to have varying degrees of fastener depth
Which is why the cap will look a little wavy…
It is typical with this style of ridge vent.

By the way, beautiful shingle you had installed.

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Hard to get proper info, but I’m looking for guidance on a full roof replacement. My home is about 200sqm in size and presently has concrete/cement roof tiles. It was built in 1980. After the crazy weather, we had a roofer come and do a minor repair to the roof, but he is now saying that the roof has had it and a full roof replacement is required. It is very expensive and it’s very difficult to gauge what is a reasonable cost.
So far, I have had;
2 quotes to replace existing roof with colorbond – one quote was $50K the other quote was $60K.
1 quote to replace existing roof with cement tiles – $78K.
1 quote to replace existing roof with terracotta tiles – $97K.
$50K for the absolute cheapest seems like a lot, but maybe I’m wrong and my expectations need adjusting.
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Thanks in advance.


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Thank you. It is majestic shake by Atlas.

What a coincidence, that was the brand and color
I just installed a few days ago.

Smart roofer!