New roof: GAF Timberline HDZ vs CertainTeed Landmark Premium

I will keep the insurance /contractor info limited in this post since this is primary a shingle related question. However some background would help with my question:

I am located in central NC and several homes in the area had roof damage due to a hail storm a year or so ago (some neighbors were getting new roofs). Talked to a couple companies. Company A (referral) game by to do a preliminary inspection (did not find any hail damage- however they did not go on the roof). Several months ago I decided I would have another company come by (Company B- reputable company) who did a preliminary inspection and found hail damage. Filed a claim, insurance adjuster did his thing (with roofing company B present) and basically got a $ for new roof (minus deductible of course). I signed a construction contract with Company B (who are GAF certified) and use GAF Timberline HDZ as their standard shingles. I did recently talk to company A who now is more than happy to take the job telling me they use better shingles (CertainTeed Landmark) which they can upgrade me at no or very minimal cost to CertainTeed Landmark Pro. Talking to Company A and doing research I learn that Timberline HDZ weigh only 210 lbs per square and the CertianTeed Landmark/Pro at 225 lbs and 250 lbs respectively and due to their volume discounts that upgrading to the pro only costs them something like $15 per square. The issue is that going to a better shingle with company B (Timberline UHD) is a premium and most likely not in the budget especially since having a large deductible. My concern is that the landmark pro appears to be the heavier (thicker) shingle that may give me more usable years on the new roof. Should I be concerned or just go with the Timberline HDZ and be done with it.

Cant ever go wrong with Certainteed landmarks.

I just inspected the HDZ,
and they have improved their nailing area
By making it easier to see.
And when you miss the line
The fasteners still hit the double thickness.
Well done GAF, i have to give them credit.


I have been reading more on this forum. Lots of good info. I am even more concerned with being possibly forced to go with the GAF Timberline HDZ. If the first company would of correctly seen the hail damage I most.likely would of already had a CertainTeed Landmark Pro roof with little or no out of pocket $ except for my deductible. I plan on staying at this current home for a while to retirement (last house was 12 years). For a $25k+ roof I want to make sure I get top material. If I am stuck with the GAF contractor do you think it is worth paying the premium to go with the UHD?

So company b helped you get a free roof and now you want to kick them to the curb because they are certainty certified and can’t get the deal on certainteed shingles? Sound about right?

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Absolutely not going to kick company B to the curb, yes they assisted me in getting the new roof and indeed deserve the business. They are GAF certified and do install the HDZ shingles…was just concerned that after doing research the certainteed landmark pro may have been the better shingle but not an option with this company.

It wasn’t an option at all when you were going to have to pay for the entire roof, right? I’ll bet that company can install Certainteed, they may not get the same deal on the upgraded single. So you would need to come out of pocket a bit.

Company A didn’t help you at all, in fact, they told you no damage. Now you would even remotely consider doing business with them? Seriously? I wouldn’t buy from them regardless but I have Principles and Integrity.

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nah,same shit as before,just little bit wider single thick nailing area,double thick is still same 0.5" wide and if you missnail you get crooked in cold, same as certainshit and other brands
malarkey,atlas both have legit 0.8-1" wide double thick which really makes it retardproof.

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Thanks for your reply. I agree Company A should not be considered; they should of taken the time to do a proper assessment and get on the roof (not just take some pics with an IPAD and look at the down spouts). I think my first post was somewhat confusing and should of focused more on what is the best shingle for my situation. Company A came out for potential damage for the same hail storm and now when they stopped by and saw the chalk marks from the insurance company were all excited on getting my business. I will discuss upgrade options with Company B or just go with the GAF HDZ.

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Most roofers that actually touch and install shingles rate GAF shingles low on the quality spectrum, while Certainteed is usually rated very high.

Have GAF boy shut up about worthless warranties and install the shingle of your choice.

Don’t pay extra for any extended warranty, it’s all smoke and mirrors.