New roof - Hack job?

We recently had our roof replaced by a reputable company (with good reviews). I will try to make a long story short…Our project was a hail claim for shingle replacement. But, we have vaulted ceilings and have had ice dams issues and know the insulation was not great. We decided we wanted to have the insulation replaced completely so had the roofing company quote and coordinate tearing off the sheathing on the vaulted areas and had spray foam insulation put in which we are paying of out of pocket, the only thing insurance is covering is shingles and some gutters/guards. When they pulled sheathing off the back side vaulted roof they discovered it had some weird acoustic insulation that looked like ramen noodles. They ripped off the acoustic insulation which had no sheathing underneath it and had to reframe the whole back vaulted roof to make room for the foam insulation. Skipping ahead, through much back and forth they have finally completed the project - All new sheathing on vaulted ceiling areas, fascia, shadow boards, skylight, etc. Everything looks good from about 30 ft away :rolleyes:
We inspected the everything a few days ago and the workmanship is very poor.
The sheathing where the old meets the new was installed overlapping each other so there is a lump on the roof you can see/feel.
The gutter guards are laughable, a toddler could have put them on better. Extremely wavy and not the same style/quality we had on previously.
There are gaps in between the shadow boards and the drip edge on some parts of the house.
The bottom of the shadow boards pulled off when they screwed the gutters on creating the prefect breeding ground for bees.
The drip edge on one part of the house is extremely wavy/bent.
And a bunch of other more minor issues (ripped shingles on ridge vent, different color shingles, gaps between boards etc.).
So far we have given them a portion of the insurance money (not even half). We called the city and they are telling us not to pay them the rest until it is complete. They also said there was supposed to be a permit pulled for reframing the back roof and they did not pull one. I compiled a list of issues with pictures and sent it to the roofers.
I guess I am just looking for some input on this. Is it common to have these types of issued with roofs? Would it be crazy to ask them to redo the roof? I feel like there has been so much back and forth with these guys that I am starting to lose track.

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If there are fundamental errors odds are very high there are plenty more. There is a code and there are shingle manufacturers instructions. Most roofers could care less about this. For every real roofer there are a hundred cowboys and you can take that fact to the bank :cowboy_hat_face:. Hire an independent roofing consultant to do a thorough inspection. If you hire a roofer to do an inspection then your so called roofer will just say he’s just looking for work. Hire a consultant who isn’t selling anything. I was a roofer 29 years and am now starting my 10th year as a roofing consultant. The amount of shoddy and fraudulent work I see is astounding. Frequently I find that what is on the contract doesn’t match up with what’s on the roof. Get an independent, unbiased, neutral inspection.

This is a tough position and maintaining objectivity becomes increasingly difficult yet ever more important. Some things do indeed appear awry while others risk being a product of ill feelings seeking fault in every minute detail.

Third party opinions may help unclutter your stance but I suggest you be weary of third parties whose looming objective is to elevate themselves in order to appease you by crushing the other side. I see this far too often when intervening “third party” contractors and/or inspectors boastfully wield their “position power” recklessly and increase conflict. Remember, you are thirsty for someone who will side with you and objectivity will fall by the wayside.

If you feel a third party inspection will help you achieve an amicable solution, then do so and include the contractor during the process. If the inspection is completed ex-parte and is meant to shore up your position against the other party, be prepared to go legal and do so immediately otherwise they will lien you in retaliation.

Present a plan toward resolution to the other side and only employ a co-funded third party as an arbitrator who clears the fog so you can work things out without legal dispute and pent up anger.

I would hold off on paying anything more and try to get the contractor to fix the issues. Seems fair to let them have a chance to correct the work to meet manufacturer’s specification / building code. I would make sure to get all the corrections inspected by a different roofer or the manufacturer or consultant and also to let them know that is what you will be doing.

The lack of a permit may require that area be torn off, only the city can advise you on correcting that issue.

I think step one would be trying to get them to fix the issues and address the lack of a permit.

Hire someone neutral, impartial, unbiased and unimpeachable. Folks like that do exist. Some actually have integrity. Stick to code, industry standards, how real professionals do it, and shingle manufacturers instructions. We’re not building a piano here. Roofs aren’t measured in a thousandth of an inch. A little wiggle room is to be expected. Perfection is not the industry standard. Codes and manufacturers can’t cover every possible scenario. My inspections are never a rubber stamp for owners. Sometimes they don’t like my findings. I stick my neck out for nobody. 44 years of experience sure comes in handy.

As an independent roof consultant, isn’t it also your job to assist by making homeowners aware of their specific needs, conduct quality assurance inspections during the installation process as well as final Inspections after completion? You always point out the fraudulent work, materials not matching the contract, and the other many faults roofers seem to have but if you assist the homeowner before installation and provide spot checks during installation, then your complaining could be done before the roofer changes materials or over drives all the nails you seem to find


Ok deep breath on my part…
I have done my best to protect the consumer, you, from predatory roofing companies. I also have no use for predatory customers and feel like roofing contractors need equal protection. I think you got basically a free roof minus your upgrades and deductible. I also think you’re trying to take advantage of your contractor. The gutter guard is only as straight as your gutters. Did you pay to have them redone? If there are workmanship issues they should correct them. No you are not crazy to ask them to redo the roof. You are unreasonable and out of touch with how to deal with contractors though.


So you’re accusing me of being a predatory customer because there are multiple issues that aren’t to code that I am questioning? You’re about as bright as a butthole… hope for everyone’s sake that you don’t have a job that involves any sort of workmanship or quality. Move along troll

I am planning on letting them try to fix the issues. Sounds like the city might make them rip off the portion that was reframed without a permit anyway. The other areas where the product wasn’t installed correctly will probably have to be completely redone too. Other more minor things who knows. Definitely not paying until the major things get resolved!

does anybody wonder how a new user was able to post so many pictures so soon?


Never thought about so many pictures at once but I was curious how many shingles were damaged by what looks to be hard rubber sole boots walking around on those shingles? Not that the pictures don’t show items needing corrected, provided it’s a new roof but most of what I’m understanding it’s a local code enforcement situation, or cosmetic. It sounds like Ridgid foam roof insulation was installed but I’ve never used any where I’ve had to remove the existing decking but I learn something new everyday. I am curious tho if there is a product u would need to do that?

I hope they are on board and fix it. The alternative is a royal pita.