New roof install option

Just had new roof installed. Architectual on main roof, peel and stick on patio. In original estimate to replace rotten fascia, they did so but placed drip edge directly on 2x6 fascia with no 1x2 trim. They agreed to fix, but had to pull up drip edge and peel and stick. Now edge is bent up under rolled roof creating a lip and exposed on side.Many other sub par workings. What are my options? Don’t really want them to repair it as they will prob send the same guys who screwed it up.

Best option in your situation is to install a drip edge over the peal and stick, then cover the drip edge with a 4 inch piece of peel and stick cemented in place.

It is very important for the longevity of a flat roof that the metal edge is firmly anchored to the roof deck. It looks like they pried yours up and it’s no longer nailed down tight.

I work have them cut the roof and the edge off and have them install a new metal edge and another ply of roofing over the entire roof, or a full 3’ piece from top to bottom along that rake.

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That is the drip edge showing. You can feel drip edge pried up all the way around patio. Is is supposed to have a starter strip?

Did they go over the old roof? The sa looks really lumpy.

No, flat roofs don’t get starter strips. The small strip along the rake that MPA and I described is the proper fix in this situation. But drip edge must be removed first and installed on top before the strip can be put on.