New Roof Installation?

We would like to replace our roof because it’s leaking due to condensation (just leak during snowing weather, but not on rainy weather), but we don’t know how exactly to approach the whole thing. We have a few roofers inspecting the roof and one particular roofer stands out (he seems genuinely sincere, and his price is one of the most affordable). We would like hear advices from forum members to get more understanding before signing the proposal. Thanks in advance.

Our house is a Chicago bungalow with 2 story, so the upper roof is a flat roof. Here is his proposal:
" Remove existing roofing material from entire house roof and garage
Replace any rotted wood decking
Install ice and water shield on eaves and valleys
Install 15 lb felt paper on entire shingles roof sections
Furnish and install lifetime guaranty dimensional style shingles (he had mentioned it will be Owen Corning - Oakbridge but not listed on the proposal)
Replace all vents and stack pipes flashing
Flat section:
Furnish and install 0.60 EPDM roofing membrane on all low step section
Furninsh and install vinyl siding on all dormers walls
Furnish and install new aluminum seamless gutter and downsprouts on entire house
Remove all debris"

Total price: $9600
What is missing is on the proposal, he did not include labor warranty, although he did mention 10 years during his inspection estimate. We have another roofing company matching his price and material, but our impression of this company is not very favorable. Please advice us if the above offer is good and what kind of issues should we address with him prior signing the contract. Again, thank you very much.

If you have condensation issues you probably need to have your ventilation system fixed.
This mean intakes (usually in the soffits) and exhaust (usually a ridgevent).
In addition to these 2 things the attic needs to be checked for clear air flow from the soffits to the ridge, and repaired as needed.

The specs for your roof look fine but you can get a better shingle for just a tiny bit more.
Oakridge is the cheapest Owens Corning architectural shingle, Durations are much better and Certainteed Landmarks are even better, IMO.

Choosing the right Roofer can be difficult since everybody says they do it right and they all talk the same crap.
Most don’t even follow the simple instructions on the package…
There are some Chicago roofers here on this forum, I suggest you give them a try, they are probably better than the avg in your area.

Agree with everything Axiom said. I did not see ventilation addressed in the proposal and that is likely the cause of your condensation issues. Proper ventilation is a must.

Agree with the two previous responses. To resolve your condensation issues, you have to check first if your ventilation is properly working and if it is constructed strategically correct.

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I also agreed with you. I will follow your instruction.

Try getting online estimtaes for comparison. I’ve tried Champion Windows before and they are good. Look at warranties and whether the installers are qualified - that akes a lot of difference.

First of all you don’t mention the condition of your existing roof, how old, any damage, etc. and also you say “so the upper roof is a flat roof”??? how can that be if you’re installing shingles? muI st be my not understanding, anyways I wouldn’t replace a roof that didn’t leak in the rain but leaked when it snowed due to condensation, replacing the roof won’t fix that and the fact that the roofer doesn’t get that is a big flag as far as his competence/experience and knowledge…just sayin’ get ventilated!!

I agree with the others. It sounded like a thorough job would be performed until there was no mention of ventilation.

Your first impressions are usually correct. Go with your gut feeling.

It now sounds like all you need to do is make sure the ventilation is corrected along with the rest.