New Roof leaking Water Stains

We had a large addition built less than a year ago and we have been finding water stains everywhere inside. There’s no attic and the ceilling is spray insulation. The builders roofing subcontractor has come to the house twice and neither time has looked for anything. First time was to assure us that his roofs don’t leak (while standing in the street) second time he quickly stood on the roof and looked around and said he doesn’t see anything.
I’m not a roofer but this is what I see
Water stains on the Fascia
Rain dripping between gutter and house
Rain dripping from soffit
Lumpy, messy shingles that are buckling
Areas everywhere where the shingles line up.
Valleys that shingles don’t lay on the actual roof deck
I’ve seen Water run out from under a few shingles.
Nail heads on the front side used to keep shingles under dormer windows in place, rusted.
These are a few things we have brought to the roofers attention and he tells us that it’s fine.
Our newly renovated house is being destroyed inside, Water stains, new plaster cracking, ghosting and we don’t know what to do.

Your anxiety is apparent and this can indeed be frustrating. Unfortunately, the image you’ve posted provides little help as to what the true cause may be. The image shows the gable end and this area is seldom ventilated as it is a “ladder extension” butted to the wall. I do see you have non-vented soffit and what appears to be ridge venting which terminates in the normal spot. There appear to be no penetrations through the roof, in this image, that can be attributed to leaks. We cannot see whether the step flashing has been set between the shingles correctly as that may be a concern if it was not.

What would help is to understand EXACTLY when the staining appeared as I suspect it is a condensation problem in the airspace between the living area and the roof sheeting. Do you have pot lights recessed into the ceiling? Is your region subject to dramatic freeze and thaw cycles in the winter? Do you have high humidity in your home in the colder months? This is information that may reveal clues as to why this is happening.

Understand that all of your visual complaints surrounding the installation can be explained as being somewhat normal as you might be fixated on it being a leak problem and not a condensation issue. In other words, you may have judged the roofer as guilty when in fact he may be quite innocent and this is another problem altogether.

Offer the following and you may get a more useful answer leading you toward resolution;

  1. Broader images of the entire roof.
  2. The general locale of your property.
  3. Interior images.
  4. Images of the soffit along the eaves.
  5. EXACTLY when this problem started showing up?

These are just some things. There are some pretty clever pros on this site that might offer good advice but the worst thing you can do is to blame the roofer for something which they may not deserve blame as you will be flamed.

Your concern is certainly legitimate however the cause may not be as obvious as you think.

Thank you for your. Reply. I’m hoping it will let me upload more photos.
We live in the New England. We had snow this winter but nothing to wrote home about. Unlike past years where there was roof failures spread across the state.

The 3 photos are where we first noticed water on the ceilling. The 2 smaller ones came through when it rained, the larger one, we don’t know when it started, by the time I noticed it, it had been there for a bit.
We have multiple half moon water spots on outside edges where the ceilling ahd roof meet in our bedroom and then also in our bedroom we have water spots that look like rings with bullseye in them at this point. There’s also spots that look like tear drops, some have stretched but there’s 2 rows of them, which those come to an outside wall and there is a half moon on the ceilling.

I have tons of pictures, hopefully I can post them. I apologize if I sounded like I was just going after the roofer. I’m just starting to get very concerned because nobody (builder, insulation, plumber) no one can seem to figure out what is going on and honestly, the only thing they are doing is looking from afar, yet the cracks, stains and now ghosting that is increasingly becoming darker is upsetting to say the least. I lived in townhouses that where destroyed by water running down inside the walls and I’m starting to get the same feeling.


Sorry, it will only allow me to upload one picture at a time.

Hey Liz, several things come to mind;

  1. Pot lights - I don’t like them because they tend radiate heat into the attic space. I KNOW they are supposed to be insulated from doing so but I’ve seen this is not the case more often than not. This could be a heat source which in turn is heating the airspace leading to condensation.

  2. There are no vents in the soffit which might suggest there is no air circulating in the attic space regardless how small that space might be.

  3. In our region, we do no use woven valleys and maybe because they do not sit flat. (I think they’re ugly). Here you have a valley created where two significantly different roof slopes join and it would have made more sense to me to utilize a closed cut valley reinforced with an Ice and Water underlayment up each slope.

  4. Water between fascia and the back of gutters is like the fight between good and evil. It will always happen to some extent and if can be resolved once and for all, it will result in a Nobel prize.

  5. Staining showing on the underside of the soffit in an area where there is no way the shingles can leak is notice to look at condensation as the problem.

At this point Liz, I think I’d call my insurance company as, though I hate to say it, mold may be a problem and not just a dab of tar and an extra attic vent. It might require a far more invasive solution than just shingles.

Sorry, but it seems most would rather claim “I dunno” rather than say this could be a significant concern requiring a costly fix.

I hope it turns out well for you.

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Try to determine where the leaks are showing inside with the corresponding roof area. Was the whole roof replaced, or was it tied into the existing?

I found more pictures.

We replaced the entire roof when we tied into the original house.

I circled where we have seen water stains, from the inside and outside.

The most damage runs horizontally across the top peak and then down into where the roof meets the wall of the original house.
The room above the garage, the outside edge of the dormer inside has water stains down the entire thing and is opening like a seam.

I just noticed from these pictures, the roof looks nice, neat and flat. For some reason there’s sections that the shingles look lumpy now.

Thank you guys for taking the time to give me your opinion. I greatly appreciate it.

I’m starting to think it might be condensation also. We took thermal images and sent them to our builder, he has never said anything about them but I’ve been researching myself and the images we took are concerning.
Now I just have to find someone who knows how to read them and get someone to look into our walls because I’m finding more and more dark spots.