New roof needed on old building. My options

Hi everyone. This is my first post. I own a 100year old 4 unit building that needs a new roof. It’s not leaking right now, but the roof looks to have a bunch of layers on it. From the inside i see it still has the old shakes on there. The roof is simple in shape. Pitched the whole length of the building with no dormers or valleys. I plan to finish off the attic space and would like to address the roof before i do that. The true 2"x6" rafters look to be in decent shape and there is absolutly NO soffit or overhang. I have seen vented dripedges and the Smartvent product, but recently was informed about spray foams and their benefits (no ventilation needed, good insulating qualities, etc…). I was wondering if any of you pros could shed some light on this approach for me. I live in Chicago so we get all sorts of weather extremes here. Thanks!

Did I talk to you?

You sure did! The foam route was suggested to me by Thomas. I am very interested in it. He will be sending out someone to my place for an estimate pretty soon, so I was hoping to bone up on the fine point of the method beforehand. How do you feel about the spray-in/no ventilation route?

I like it.

Let me know how things go.

cubs fan or sox fan?

Thats why he’s the roofboss… he gets the 411 before making the call. 8)

well, i grew up on the southside and now reside on the northside… so in fairness i pull for both teams. :?

but i’d really like to talk about my roof instead… if possible.

Well Aaron is the foam man here. Best i can advise.

Please let me know who he sends out to do the foam estimate. 8)

Sure. No problem. Any chance anyone want to actually talk about this topic??? Like are there any special things I need to have performed before the roof is done? Or should I be specifying any particualr product/s? Come on yallz.

I nkinow ELK used to allow the hot attics with their shingles before they were bought out by GAF.

be sure to get a minimum 15 minute fire barrier applied over the foam (one hour is better). Some foams are fire-extinguishing, but cost more.

Not many know anything about hot attics.

I know nothing im just here for amusement.

your in the right place since foam is amusing!!!

Certainteed gives 10 yrs. on compact roof assemblies.

you can also build out the fascia eave for venting,put a lifetime shingle,w/ a ridge vent—be sure your attic is insulated at least r-38(of course total removal and resheathing of the roof should also be done