New roof not laid down

The roofer came two day before a storm with 58 miles winds to do my roof and laid felt over the nails( not just a few but hundreds and than hammered them down. I told him that is not right as the deck should be smooth when the felt is laid- it was 40 -50 degrees out side. I caught it on south and East side but if he done it on those two sides, he probably done it on the others. I’m scared of the felt. The roof on the east and north side were up-- some in a upside down v, some cuped like an up down smile and some edges were rolled up. After the storm they didn’t go down- 50 to 73 degree for 4 days before the snow came to stay four months and 2 feet of snow. I never paid him as I need it inspected and checking for leaks- he keeps saying it will lay down in spring, I know it didn’t seal as it is up in the air and with that much snow on I couldn’t even get up to clean my vents for ice and snow. What do you say to the felt over the nails and hammering them down thru the felt? I wanted to kick him off but storm comming and the certified contractor owner never came when called. After the first storm he sent two men to caulk them but even I knew they were not touching,. He said he was trying to satisfy me. :frowning: %between%

The deck should be free of nailheads either by pulling them or nailing them down prior to rolling felt.What was the temperature when the shingles were loaded on the roof?.During winter installations the shingles will take on the shape of the position they are stacked on your roof.Winter installs take a little longer to seal and lay down.Are the shingles arch’s or 3-tabs?The upside down "Smiles could be fishmouths from high nails.That was my opinion.The shingles are contorted and curled but certain steps could have been taken to minimize this.If you had some pix then alot of assumtions could be cleared.I am sure you have snow.Without pictures it will be difficult to assess.But the temperature @ 4o+ degrees with sunshine should have been enough for them to relax a bit.

Remove nails from ex. roof :shock:

Could not agree more…just giving the poster a description of what can be done with those pesky little nail heads. :mrgreen:

I hope, that this story will be with happy anding.Shingles will lied down,seal entirely and roofers can take all amount.I encounter with that pr. every roof today(hump shingles),but is not main concern. December 17/7F.

The smiles you see are just the waviness of the shingles in cold weather. Because of the way they are made, and the way they stack them on a pallet, the bundles are naturally a little bit wavy. And in the cold they tend to stay that way. If nailed properly (pushing down each wave as you nail across the shingle) then it should lay down just fine with some good sunlight. If the roofers didn’t flatten out the shingle when nailing then you may have some remaining fish mouths to deal with.

Generally speaking, the deck should be free and clear of anything that could penetrate the tar paper.

I can’t figure out how to down load the pictures but the other question is if they didn’t take off my ice water shield-5 yr old. Will it seal other nails and what about the holes left when they tore off the shingles. They were to use Gaf products. It was suppose to be the shingle mate that I saw him hitting the nails under it. It was at the gutter edge and so I know they never put the weather watch near the edge. I pick up side of the paper because it was up and seen the nails and chunks of shingles around the nails and the biggest chunks were up to 3" and 2 1/2 wide. next to the edge. I told him to get it cleaned out. Called his boss and he asked if I got after him. Another question do they change out drip edge with all reroof jobs. I have hip roof and gutters all around the house. I still can’t download the pictures. Will try later.

i hate to say it but it sounds like you had KASH HACK roofers doing your roof…

The temp was around 37 -50 degrees out side. They started to tear off a 7am and they didn’t call ahead to let us know at all. We didn’t even get a call so we couldn’t have the satilite dish off. They want to pc around it and got mad when I said no and of course the dishnet couldn’t get there until four days later in the 58 mile wind, snow etc…( after it fell off the house and hit and damage the new paint job on the house and bent the dish.) They didn’t tie it down or secure it in any way. pictures won’t download as before.

timberline 30 prestiage , shinglemate flyers, weather mate flyer was in the folder-- found tri-built(box on front lawn) Sa underlayment Sand . Not sure what he use for sure.

I have to agree with Kage.I cannot find any logical reason for chunks of shingles that size being left under the nail heads.And yes when I do a reroof all roof accessories are replaced.But to be sure check your contract hopefully it will state yes or no.

The satilite isnt really a big deal to remove and re set after you have finished roofing.I remove them and repalce them on every job.And they have never had to call direct tv of any other provider.To peice around it is just Stupid,and asking for a leak.As fas as the nails and shingles left.Its just they didn’t give a Turd.which is crap if you ask me.With the stripper tools you can by now like the AJC Shingle Strippers they will pull every nail.I’m a firm beleiver in pulling every single roof nail out.So there is no chance the nail will back may be seeing High Nails.But it could be wavey shingles.I would check and make sure.If it is a high nail it will cut its way through the shingle over time.Which he refered to as Fishmouths.If your roofing and you see you didnt drive the nail solid there is no excuse if you dont flush it with a Hatchet.Cold weather roofing is one on The Most troblesome worries fr hme owners.Because the shingles dont lay down correctly.And if they dont seal by the time the March winds move in they will blow right off.And sometimes a few warm days in the 50’s isnt enough time for the shingle to fully heat up and relax.The same thing goes for felt.It wrinkles in the cold and stretches in the heat.So if your saying it never laid down in 70 degrees it has to be the trash under the new.I would be worried to.And I wouldn’t hand a single penny.If they dont resolve the issue I would call my local states attorney.Best of Luck

after we tear one off we spend 45 minutes or so making sure every nail is pulled or nailed back down securly…as far as the waves goes as long as your roof deck is true and flat high nails wouldnt cause these waves, its simply the way the shingles are stacked on top of each other forming in the cold weather…soon as it gets sunny and 60 it will be no problem…does sound to me like you didnt get what you paid for

He taking me to small claims court Fth. 15 th and I have been rounding up all the paper work as I can. I wish that I took pictures of what his men were doing but did get my older neighbor to see the nails under the felt.

I have never had any one do this and no one want this much headache. If I have to wait 6 to eight months for it to lay down and worry, he should have to worry with me, to me the job isn’t done until the roof is done laid,. He said you would have to pay for a car out right. Well if it had problems, I wouldn’t have bought the car until it is fixed.

The ones on the north side are the ones I’m most worried about as that is the side with the tipi type shingle and other is kind of rolled up like they tripped on it. The building inspector said with the wind we have in ND, The shingles get a lot of dirt under them and they don’t seal. Plus The cottonwood trees will will shec their seeds around that time and I have two huge ones and piles of seeds to pick up every year.

What is the temp needed to get shingles to lay on the north side with trees on both sides? One teck. guy in Bismarck said that it may not lay down until April-June as it isn’t in direct sun. and that is when I will find the leaks. Thanks for any answere- to my problems. It still wouldn’t download pictures

In colder temps, such as this time of year, we always ground drop our materials, never roof-top them. Shingles stay nice and flat, installation faster and overall roof looks better as soon as its installed.

However, if you “roofer” failed to take out all nails, get ready for a lot of nail pop-outs once those shingles heat up.

When we tear of, I have 2 guys with tear-off shovels walking and pulling nails while a 3rd man is sweeping roof and hammers down any nails missed.

rbcf check your p.m’s.

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There were only two men and cold day. They used the potatoe forks -we did too but we pulled the nails back than- but also we had to remove all the nails because we sold every piece of wood-brick-lights etc. Selling every thing worth selling in the buildins. 20 years ago. I think the men knew they couldn’t get the job done in the time their boss gave them and figured how to cut corners. I don’t blame them somewhat. But when I tried to tell the boss - the certified roofer- that his men were taking short cuts, he wouldn’t listen. But boy he wants his money. Well I want my roof to be right and now I have a $1000 deductable which when you are on social Security is a lot. So I need it to be done right.

With out pictures its hard to evaluate your situation.

The reality is… you will probably lose in court.

If the roof isn’t leaking, then its doing its job.

The “Look” has to do with the quality of work you paid for. Did you go to saturn and expect a mercedes?

I had a customer that chose a roofing company created over night. Her job was the first and last roof they did. It was jacked up from all ends.

Unfortunately she couldn’t sue the company… Supposably you cant sue for workmanship/quality of work. Now if the roof leaked and caused damage then thats a different story.

What you are explaining is a common issue during the winter months.

I always notify my customers about shingles not laying flat before signing. I have the shingle manufactures back me up also. They will tell you to wait 120 days before making a claim.

Afterwards… If this is a reason for not paying… Expect a lien to be slapped on your house.

Now like i said… its hard to evaluate the issue with out pictures…But judging by what you explained. Id say, pay the roofers and next time do more research on the company you choose before making such a large investment.

to add to that…

If my company had to wait for payment till summer for every roof we installed during winter to lay down flat…

we would be out of business.

I would like to pay him and would have done some but if I only paid him half I would lose my warranty but would you like your felt be hammered to death and maybe no starter strip under the first roll of shingles-Gaf warrenty say clear the roof off of all nails, derbis, shingle before the felt is laid down. they will not pay if the contractors don’t follow the rules . Would you pay for a roof that was not done right, if you seen that they were not doing it right. Lay down is one thing but The rest gets you worried. Your felt is the next thing that protects your roof when the shingles don’t hold water. How long does it take to get water leaks going in the winter when it is frozen?