New roof? old was better

So i had hail damage to my roof (about 3 inches) and insurance paid to replace my roof. I got this guy that seemed like he knew what he was doing and had a reasonable price, wow was i wrong. To start everything off he tore the first story roofing off and replaced that first, then moved on to the second story and threw all the old roofing on the top of the brand new roof with just a tarp in place. I know have damanged gutters, some of the shingles are now cracked not the mention the other countless problems. Some of the shingles are buckling up becuase they aren’t spaced right in between and the second story shingles aren’t perfectly straight. They scratched up my siding, cut my padio door screen 3 times (they did replace that). there are other problems as well but i wont go into everything, my question is what should i do about this? i definetly don’t want these guys anywhere near my house again. I’ve paid half of the total and he wants the rest tomorrow , any ideas on what i should do?

I also asked him about the size of the cut he used for the cobra ridge vents, he stated he cut 3 inches on each side… isnt that way too much?
i also have a bunch of pictures … 00x600.jpg … 00x600.jpg … 00x600.jpg … 00x600.jpg … 50x600.jpg … 00x600.jpg … 00x600.jpg … 50x600.jpg … 00x600.jpg … 00x600.jpg

hey ice,
its late so ill just say,
if the roofer that did theese knucklehead things is the one your payin.
then pay him and get him away from your house before he screws somethin else up.
if the person your payin is not the actuall roofer, then write down your concerns and he may agree with you and get someone else out.

good luck.


The ridge vent is cut way to big and the whole job looks poor. I would have him fix what is wrong before paying him.

I agree with gtp1003

You may want to generate a list, a punch-list if you will, of things you want corrected before you pay the contractor. As for the bushes and plants, most roofers try and protect them, but to be honest you almost have to expect there will be some damage to your landscaping. So, unless they were just plain negligent in protecting the landscaping I would say you’ll just have to take that on the chin, and limit your punch-list to roofing issues.

Problem is i dont want him anywhere near my house, the dumpster is still in my driveway and doesnt seem like its going anywhere until i pay him in full. I told him the reasons why i wasn’t paying him and he said his job was perfect, and the siding had nothing wrong with it (and said it has hail damage so it doesnt matter) He said him and his supplier will but a lean on my house and sue for twice damages.

i really dont want him to come back out, hes already pissed at me and i have a feeling he would do a botch job again and mess everything up more.

should i contact a lawyer? any other ideas? I’ve already paid half, he said that was for material… how can he put a lean on my house if i already paid the material part?

Sounds like he is using bully tactics to scare you into paying him. FWIW, if he is renting the dumpster, it costs him everyday it sits in your driveway. But to answer your question, yes, you probably need to hire a lawyer and you may want to hire a consultant as a disinterested third-party.


Call the dumpster company. Tell them to come and get it out off your property.

Push comes to shove pay the dumster fee.

call the dumpster co. and say you are your roofer and come get it of the jobsite.then contact

  1. lawyer
  2. your town to see if he is licensed
  3. bbb and make a complaint about him the shingle manufacturer rep for an inspection

I thought for a minute and it hit me. You said he installed cobra ridge vent with a 3 inch per side cut right, Knowing that holy moly that WILL LEAK. That is not an if it is a when thing.

If he is not licenced then he can not put a lean on the home. Secondly he can not have the supply house put a lean on the home because you never bought the materials from them he did. Call the dumpster people and ask them to remove this dumpster they will without any trouble. A lean on your home will only cause trouble if you try and re finance or sell the home. But thats where going to court will help. Sounds to me like this guy is not licenced but he might be. Does he have insurance? Dont tell him the job is not perfect tell him the job is not done correctly.

Rather than hiring anoter contractor or consultant heres a suggestion that might work call the local building inspector to look at the work and go over everything that is wrong and he will let you know what is right and worng have him document it all and submit this to the contractor and tell him when it passes inspection then you will pay him untill then you will get nothing. If he started on the bottom first then this tells me this guy has not been roofing very long or he is an idiot. Never would i or anyone on this site ever do a bottom first of a 2 story home. Shingles get ruined to easy. I would call the city if it was me. If there was a permit needing to be pulled and he did not pull it and he is not licenced you might recieve a fine from the city. Either way this is a bad thing that has happened to you.

Hi gtp1003,

There are places the supply house can lean the property. We have to sign a waiver when doing sub contract work.

Really i have never heard of such a thing but i guess it could happen. My thoughs are that he or she has already given out half the money so why would the supply house hold the homeowner resposible when he or she has already given money i do not understand this.

I don’t see how he could say i haven’t paid him for the shingles, i’ve paid him half (4300 which should cover the cost of GAF ultra for 40 square). My neighbors signed a contract with this guy and we told them to try their hardest to get out of it. If he messes up their house/roof i think we will be sueing him together. I also noticed by the gutters that the dripedge is pushing the end shingles up and its creating a flat spot where water will stand (this is the case throughout the whole roof)

also, dumpster co. said that the contractor must call and have it removed and they called the contractor and he said not to remove it… so he’s trying to get me to pay him by leaving a dumpster in my drive way? i know he’ll end up trying to get me to pay the extra dumpster fee but isnt that his own negligence

The dumpster is on private property. I’d tell the dumpster company they need to come get it, or you will find another means to have it removed from your property.

Some things I saw… Is that seamless aluminum siding? Looks like it because it appeared to be dented. If it is not, there is a spray product whose name is slipping my mind that will take the tar marks of vinyl and metal for that matter. If it’s vinyl, how old is it? Is it new enough and unfaded so you could replace a panel and match it up right? Looks like a special order color to me, but I don’t know how common it is in your area. Doing the bottom roof first was a knucklehead thing to do. Probably punctures and granule loss there. The valley looks like is was done by a six year old. The gutters were installed with not enough hangers and thats why they got damaged. There should be hangers every 16". He could have prevented the gutters better though by putting bricks inside of them to stop the ladders from crushing them. That sprawling landscaping is just about impossible to protect, forget about that. This guy has some customer service issues, as well as OSHA violation issues. He’s a fly by night operation that will be out of business quickly. I would also make a punchlist and refuse to pay until its completed, or even have a roofer repair the problems and pay him the difference. I’d take my chances in court. He can put a mechanics lein, and so can the supplier, but he still has to have a hearing to get it where I’m from. Good luck and sorry you got this jerk.

Its aluminum siding, however they stopped making that color about 10 years ago. He said i have hail damage so it doesn’t matter but my insurance only paid to replace one side (the one side which has no damage on it from him)

Also, the dents in the gutters arent from his ladders, theyre from falling shingles from the 2 story part that hit the gutters… i watched a few hit the gutters directly the side of the shingle hit the gutter and made a really horrible sound.

He could always claim the first half was to pay his labor and profit, especially if he has yet to pay is supplier.

I will say this much, and this goes to anyone and everyone that is a homeowner that reads this post, do not pay the roofing contractors any money without getting a release-of-liens from subcontractors and suppliers, and at the end of the job you need to get a Final Release of Liens.

What would people reccomend for the amount of ridge venting, my roofer only went about 1/3 above my garage (probably 20 feet) and its not even centered… i told him he needed to go all the way across the second story part, and he told me i would lose too much heat in the winter (wow hes smart) but i made him do it anyway… so right now i have the second story with it all the way across except for about a foot on each side. The 1st story is about 20 feet, less than half of the ridge (the ridge shingles are also placed so the prevailing wind will catch on them)

What is the best?