New Roof /Optional Ridge Vent Cost

I am having a new roof put on due to hail damage. My previous roof does not have ridge venting. The contractor suggested I add it but the cost was aprox. $600.00 addational. The total length is 75 ft.
Wanted to get opinions


That’s fair if it is the type that requires hand nailing with 2 1/2" or longer nails like Shinglevent II, OmniVent, or Snow country type vents.

Avoid the vents that come in a roll, they don’t have as much net free area per ft.

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Make sure you have proper soffit vents!!! If not you are screwed. Use high end vent like previous poster suggested not the cheap rolls.

The house does not have soffit vents. What would be the best style vent to
install? Something like a whirly bird?

If the house doesn’t have intake vents there is no exhaust vent that will work efficiently.

Whirlybirds (Turbine vents) are the last kind of vent you want on your house.

Nooooooo whirly birds! Lomanco Deck Air Shingle Roof Vent… just call your local roofing supplier. They are like $20 each and get installed much lower on roof. The idea is that air is pulled in low and exits up high drawing the air through. Just make sure your roofer knows how to do this… or watch a youtube video severlal times and just do it yourself. If you have no intake your shingles wont last as long nor will you have any kind of warranty.