New roof put up, very dissapointed. am I nuts?

Hi my roof was just installed in a day with about 8 guys 2 of which looked like they could have been about 16-18 years old, maybe one spoke some English, and the manager was driving between my job and another spending about maybe 50/50 time at each job site while he wasn’t driving.

This is a reputable company with 4.5 stars outa 5 so I thought the work was going to be just about perfect (at least look it from a distance). the contract was for the roof and install new frieze boards around the house.

I had no idea they where coming until a pallet of material showed up and 2 vans full of people. my girlfriend works from home and I was at work.

attached are some pictures of what i would describe as, a horrible job, on a scale of one to 10 how bad is this? there going to work with me and fix the problems, but that dosnt change the fact that im furious about this company and process. i’m expecting to leave a really bad review with them or to re- negotiate total price. what do you guys think?
blue circles are what looks good to me, red is a clear issue to be resolved.

thanks for your time !


(new users can only upload one photograph? ill try to post more)

more photos…

nails into chimney…

nails into chimney

and there many more photos lets hear a response before i keep going

Frustrating situation I’d imagine, however, maybe premature in that I mean we all make mistakes or have situations to arise that were overlooked and have to be corrected later.
From what I see your concerns are definitely able to be fixed with minimal effort. If the company has acknowledged these issues and willing to work with you to resolve the problem then give them a chance to resolve the situation.
I agree that it’s not professional to just show up unannounced, and start working but from how it sounds someone’s was home at the time. Something I’d like to point out and mention is you can’t always count on the information you see online. Verify references in the future, ask for a copy of their insurance etc. Make sure the company you have hired is in fact reputable.
Now days a fancy name, internet advertisement, and 5 star review is all that’s needed to get hired.
Again hope it all works out for you but work with them as they agreed, and go from there

Thanks for responding,
I hear you on waiting and working with them but regardless of how well things are fixed, even if everything is perfect after its all delt with, I’d still never recommend or work with this company ever again.

I understand mistakes. we forgot, an error, but I have steel nails in my chimney now… I cant imagine an excuse for that kind of an attempt at finishing flashing around a chimney…

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Whether you recommend them or don’t is completely your decision, but have you asked your contractor to explain the nails in your chimney? With the picture provided I can’t tell one way or another because it’s to close up. There are times flashing will need to be anchored to the chimney so there could be justification with the nails in the chimney, but as close up as your pictures are I cant really see anything either way.
Give them the opportunity to explain what they have done and then if you have concerns come back and surely someone can get you on the right track


I use roll pins. Roll up a piece of scrap flashing stock as wide as the joint is deep, beat one edge flat, and pound it in between the brick and flashing.

I was on board with you having issues until I saw the phrase “renegotiate price”. I get making sure everything is done properly but accepting a discount to accept subpar work is bs, unless you use the savings to pay someone to correct it.

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The edge metal issues are just sloppy work. They should be pretty easy fixes though. The chimney flashing is unfortunate but a lot of people don’t know the proper way to install reglet cut counter flashing. A lot of roofers do this all the time without knowing it is a poor detail.

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Thanks for your input guys. Tileman, I guess what I mean is the price should come down considering the quality is so much in question. I agreed to pay for good craftsmanship and quality ( stated in the contract)

As for new developments in this issue. the company says there going to come out and fix things. but do I want a company to come back out to fix someone that was so badly put up? hiring someone else to give me a price and for them to fix it and it comes off the total price sounds like a way to be liable to pay for the same work twice.

2nd I asked for proof of there roofers being insured and I’ve been ignored…

Not having fun with this.

Unfortunately theres many roofers uninsured, which is why it should always be verified before signing the contract, along with verifying references etc.
Is there anything in the contract giving the option to renegotiate the finished price if your not satisfied?
Poor workmanship I agree but you may be stuck paying what your agreement states. An agreement to pay for good craftsmanship and quality will come down to whether or not a judge agrees with your assessment, so be cautious if going the less money route. It could ultimately be more harmful than beneficial.
I hope everything goes well with the call back and good luck in the future

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I agree that you should be made whole with a quality roof and that is exactly the point I was making. If the discount you seek is to pay someone else to make it right I agree with you. However, sometimes the contractor has a different guy on the crew who is good at making corrections. He should have the opportunity to make it right, once, but if he’s ignoring your calls he nay have screwed the pooch on that one.

Brilliant words from a great man !

You got robbed. Happens all the time. There is a code and there are shingle manufacturers instructions. Many roofers are not aware of this. Most don’t care. Hire an independent roofing consultant to do an inspection.