New Roof . . . Rotted Plywood Missed

I had the roof on my house recently replaced. Tear off, some new plywood, diamond deck, IW Shield, and Certainteed Landmark 30 year dimensional shingles.

Upon inspecting the job from the inside, I noticed that the crew replaced the majority of the plywood in a particular area or my roof. I then noticed that a 3’ X 3’ section of plywood was not replaced and is deteriorating. Walking the roof outside, I don’t know how they missed it. When I step on the area, it is extremely soft and obvious it should have been replaced.

What are my options? When I spoke to the roofer and showed him the area from the inside, he wanted to brace that particular section of the roof. Is this adequate? To me it sounds like a band-aid and I wanted a new roof.

Thanks for any input!

If it is a new roof, I don’t see the big deal in tearing out the little section, replacing the rotten decking and then reshingling it. I don’t think the major issue would the decking caving in, rather, how well will the rotten area hold the nails and keep the shingles in place if you have a nasty wind? Bottom line, as you stated, that piece of decking should have been replaced when the roof was going on so they need to fix their oversight.

I agree with AD. Tell them to come back and pull the shingles in that area, fix the wood, and re-shingle it. Shouldn’t be a big deal.

ditto to both…

seems strange to replace all but a 3x3 section since that would be a odd size for most framing. Is this on an open part of the roof or is there possibly some sort of framing (like for a dormer) over part of the plywood that would make it tough or impossible to remove the whole sheet without tearing down and rebuilding the dormer? Most decorative dormers are framed on top of a decked roof so any plywood is actually sandwiched between the dormer framing and the trusses

That’s just a guess, I just don’t understand why they would replace all the rest and not do such a small area

if it is an open area and they just forgot for some reason I agree with the others that they should just fix it and it wouldn’t be that big of deal.

[quote=“mikeym000”] When I step on the area, it is extremely soft and obvious it should have been replaced.

I think this answers that Bill6208…

I think the homeowner is seeing a 3 x 3 affected area. If a roofer inspected it…we would call it a 4 x 4 area…because that is how much we need to take out to repair it.

This has always been a difficult situation in that you are on the border line of charging too much in change orders (In the customers view).

Sometimes you have plywood that sinks and it is not rotted on top…so…do you leave it or have the home owner take another C/O charge. Plywood installed against the grain will make it bow as well. A couple of examples of many.

It sounds like thay made a decision, on the roof, that it did not need replacing (to save you cost). But still…you found it and are not happy with it, so they should come back to replace it.

I think that they had the best of intentions, and hope that they take care of it.

I think this answers that Bill6208…[/quote]

yeah I caught that, I was just speculating on a possible reason they didn’t replace a half sheet after replacing most of the rest. I can’t think of a good reason not to if it was in an open area and with that much damaged plywood replaced made me doubt that it was an open run. Besides having a dormer in the middle of the roof don’t mean you can’t walk around it :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, I really appreciate the input. I will attach a picture of the area. I am estimating a 3’ X 3’ section. It really didn’t look that large. It’s where my keys are.

Another thing. Around the flashings, I noticed that they used some small nails to fasten down pieces of shingle. Can’t water get in there?

Two other things:

Should the nails at the end of the ridge vent also be sealed?

I only found one of these . . torn shingle . . is it a big deal?

The torn piece shoulda been replaced and the exposed nails shoulda been tared…

Thanks again. I know a thing or two, but am not a roofer, so I just want to be 100% sure my requests are valid.

I’m going to guess that the rotten piece extends into the valley and they didn’t want to start ripping apart the valley.

Are those by any chance IKO shingles?

Certainteed Landmark 30 year dimensional shingles

By all means, have them come back and take care of the “punch list”, the rotted decking, exposed nails and the torn shingle.

Good Luck.

I understand that the work was done POORLY. In these cases I hope you did not pay the contractor yet or at least not the full amount. I would not have THEM redo something that they did poorly in the first place. Examining the picture, due to the fact that it is by a valley, have another roofer come by and give you an estimate of the cost to repair and deduct it from the other guy’s contract price. That is a legal issue and that’s how it is delt with in Cali. If you don’t have a contract or you already paid the guy, then of course have HIM come back and redo it, but take pictures before and after. Always good to have it as a back up plan.

[quote=“Roofer Gee”]

This has always been a difficult situation in that you are on the border line of charging too much in change orders (In the customers view).

I think that they had the best of intention.[/quote]

Sometimes I rattle a bit but I feel my best intentions are for the better good of my company,meaning how much more could have cost to replace a 3’x3’ or 4’x4’? I don’t think it would have sent the HO to bankruptcy,it would have been cheaper to replace the "questionable area versus now having to do a repair on a new roof.(does not look good)I find no difficulty in charging a customer for a proper roof installation.